Monday, June 16, 2008

The Fight for the Early Bed Time (and How I Am Losing)

Except for Sunday, the past week has been full of early wake-up calls but unfortunately few early bedtimes. Sunday had a late bedtime but also a late wake-up time, so it doesn't count against me in terms of health or sanity.

Sunday and Monday night were actually not bad, I have been doing decently for the 3am wake-ups, minus last nights 11pm bedtime with scattered unintentional wakeups. Wednesday night though - 2am bedtime before a 6am wakeup. Why would I willingly get only 4 hours of sleep, you ask? To witness a bit of extreme awesomeness. I shan't go into great detail, as secrecy has been requested, but it was quite the adventure. I became acquainted with some of Mr. MM's friends, who were like the brothers I never had. Lots of teasing and joking around, which was a lot of fun. I realized I've been hanging out with mostly girls (aside from Mr. MM) which is a different experience from hanging out with a group of guys. The adventure ceased at around 1 am or so, and I managed to get curled up in bed at around 2am. I definitely slept through most of the first two sections of the MSHA course. Oops. Thankfully, common sense was often enough.

Monday night had a little fun because Miss B is back in town and I stopped by the old abode to visit a bit. Stayed longer than I had intended, but did make it home at a more reasonable hour than I have on other occasions.

During the two days of the general Mine Safety class, I was hanging out with Miss K, an intern here, Mr. L and Mr. P, who work here or at another company. We are all in our early 20's and we all found the course to be sleep inducing. We also felt that it would be completely legitimate to take the quizzes as a team. Whether our instructor agreed with our methods or not, we continued the team-test-taking method with great success. I spent most of the breaks chatting with Miss K, and the second day we went to lunch with her mom. Some highlights included viewing an image of a chicken exploded with a blast cap, Mr. P nearly giving himself whiplash when he dozed off, and making all sorts of prison jokes at the expense of a very talkative fellow who had gotten out of prison that very morning. All in all - boring couple days though.

Also during this span of days, my roommate and I went to Chan's Thai Kitchen for an array of lovely Thai food, most of which we couldn't finish and had to take home. Mmm. I had missed Thai. We took some Tom Yum soup to Miss M, which is about the time when I ran into Mr. MM and partook of the secret adventure. Also had an extreme awkward moment when there was an unexpected show of affection from a former fling in front of the current man-friend - leaving me feeling rather mortified.

Thursday found me out for Foxtrot lessons with Mr. D, at Bullwinkle's and the Rendezvous for Miss M's birthday party and to hear the Folkin' A's perform. I invited Mr. EJ to come by the 'Vous for the music, and I also encouraged Mr. MM. Both showed up about the same time, but Mr. MM reached me first. That, in combination with the band being on break, caused Mr. EJ to evacuate the building. Awkwardness? Perhaps.

Friday was more training, though not as terrible as the days prior. We fared far better.

Friday was also the Half-o-ween party at the 'Vous, so Miss J and I worked on our costumes a bit, I took a nap, and then I went back to the old abode to hang out with Mr. L, Mr. A, Miss P, Miss G, and Miss MO. We shared whiskey and chocolate and red wine before venturing to the 'Vous for the festivities. The night was a bit of a blur, thanks to many drinks, many faces, and much fun. I was dressed as a dove, because being an angel didn't appeal to me. As seemed to be the norm in the week I've described, I was again hanging out with Mr. MM quite a lot, though I did spend a bit of time with others as well (in my defense). He made sure I made it home safely and warmly but he could not make sure that I woke up on time for work the next day, as apparently my alarm clock was also incapable. My alarm clock, which is actually my phone, apparently decided that when the phone is set to vibrate, so also should be the alarm. The logic in this? I see none.

Saturday morning I was late to work by a good hour and a half. Oops. I open, so nobody else suffers, except maybe someone who wants their drink a bit earlier than 9:30ish. I had a hangover in the form of a headache the entire morning, I had some possibly too intoxicated and entirely too friendly native gents, all of whom declared my beauty, one of whom even hugged me. Not OK. The crowd got significantly better as my shift neared its end, especially when Mr. MM came to keep me company. In an extremely odd grouping of people, an old lonely guy, a somewhat raunchy native guy, and Mr. MM ended up exchanging jokes and talking about bouts with bears. Interesting, though some of the jokes made me cringe. I stayed at the bar a bit longer, but needed to go home to nap. I watched a movie with the roommate, took a nap, then brought together a handful of girls to go out for Cosmos and then to watch SATC at the cinema. We had lots of SATC-esque girl talk, all giddy talking about the relationships and drama in our lives. We then watched the movie and tried to go to a going away party, which we apparently missed, and finally ended up various places downtown. After bar close, we wound up at Pel'meni for some dumplings (I consumed my first full order - another bit of my Alaskanization, or more specifically, my Juneau-fication). We had accumulated another member to our posse on the way, a seasonal worker who attached himself to Miss MO, and when we arrived we also found Mr. L. We also, less fortunately but very amusingly, accumulated a final strange table-mate. Very drunk and possibly recovering from hallucinogens, he rambled about nonsense, made sarcastic though absurd remarks, and accused Miss G of wearing pink and doing cart-wheels rather than supplying the stranger with directions the night before (when we had certainly not met him). We were unable to convince him otherwise or to make any sense of him or his statements. At some point however, he realized he was sitting with a group of strangers, verbalized this, then walked to where his acquaintance was sitting, leaving his dumplings behind. A few moments later he came and fetched the dumplings. His friend apologized to each of us individually with a firm handshake upon their departure. We then headed home as well.

Sunday I slept until 10am, which may not seem late, but trust me - it was glorious. I made breakfast for Miss G and me, we chatted, and then I got ready for another day of work. It honestly wasn't so bad, especially since Miss T and Miss MO both stopped by at some point. I also had a fairly fun group come in (who tipped well!) and I concocted my own signature drink! It's called a Strawberry-Blonde and it is a mixed shot. Very tasty. Miss MO showed up right at the end of my shift, so we had a drink and went to dinner, where we had two more drinks, then we sneaked to the Hangar with alterior motives. We ran into her ex, Mr. MM, and I gave Miss L a slice of our leftover pizza. Guess which motives were alterior... After this brief adventure, we went to the Imperial to play pool. Finally, the sleepiness hit and I headed home, recruiting Miss A (a much better pool player) to take my place in the game. I went home and talked to my sister before finally falling asleep around 11.

Now I'm at today. Today has been uneventful because I've been at work.

Now, one thing that has occurred to me is that I always thought I was more of a guy in terms of dating. Pardon my sexism in this situation, but I was never a big dater, not a big relationship person, and I certainly wasn't a serial dater. I also thought that I'd want tons of space, even in a relationship. I'm discovering, perhaps to my horror, that I am far more of a chick than I ever imagined. I've been spending time with Mr. MM nearly everyday, paying more attention to him than to my friends, I've been wanting to spend more time with him, participating in PDA, and worrying about the temporary nature of the summer romance. Somebody, please slap me. It also occurred to me that I have been hopping from "relationship" to "relationship" with very little time in between, or sometimes overlap... Not that any of my past "relationships" could soundly qualify as real, healthy, relationships, but I have not been alone and/or I have not been emotionally unattached for a while. Weird? Yes. Do I possibly worry or resent this? Guess.

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