Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Alaskanization of Melissa Leeanne

I recently celebrated what I've coined "my Juneau-versary" and have felt that I've really reached my pinnacle of Alaskan-ness. In list form, here are the things that make me so Alaskan - most of these things have built up within the last couple months, and some of them within the past week or so.

1. Working at a mine - I wear steel-toe boots to work, ferry to an island swarming with bears three days a week, and wake up at a time my roommate is still sometimes awake on her "weekend".

2. Working at a bar - Statistics say that 30% of Alaskans are alcoholics and working at a bar during the day, I tend to see the real cream of the crop. Making little in tips and tolerating a ton, daytime bartending isn't exactly lucrative. It may be part of the reason I was chosen for my job at the mine, though.

3. Mine casual attire - While I do still get gussied up on weekends and when I work at the clothing store, my attire for at least half the week consists of jeans, boots, and a fleece or sweatshirt. I own steel-toe boots, extra-tufs, an Alaskan Brewing Co. sweatshirt, and Marmot and Mountain Hardware brand fleeces. Sexy.

4. Summer lovin' - I have managed to acquire a summer fling, it would seem. I know, just having a summer fling is not Alaskan, it is universal - we've all seen Grease! Seriously though, my summer fling is a wild, bearded mountain man. With me in my "mine casual attire" and he in his "trekking in the wilderness attire" and highly developed beard, we are quite the Alaskan pair. Not to mention the fact that we met at the Alaskan Bar and danced to Bluegrass during our first hour of acquaintance.

5. Winter-ready, already - I now own a snowboard. I won a few items in a silent auction and for a total expenditure of $208, I own a brand new snowboard (but none of the other stuff), a Choco gift card, and a painting (my own roommate bid against me - weirdo). This means that I have proper motivation to pick up this winter sport come the snowy season. It's a nice shade of green too, which makes me happy.

6. I've lived here for OVER a year now - pat me on the back, friends. I've survived the rain, the snow, the Taku winds, the small-town issues, the ups, the downs, the many changes... Here I am now, pretty happy.

Now, for some anecdotes. I've been busy and mostly without the internet, which means that when I do blog, I will no longer be bothering you with the most minute details of my mildly exciting life. I shall only share anecdotes that, ignoring the more mundane parts of my life, would make me seem like a wonderfully exciting person.

A classy night on the town with the girls:
Miss G and I dressed up in the hottest clothes we could muster for the night. Considering this is Juneau, Alaska - we looked absurd but hot. I got some compliments and stares, but nothing compares to the attention Miss G received. She wore the shortest, tightest dress Juneau has ever seen (without looking like a prostitute) and the greatest comment to come from the impression this dress made on people came from a certain Mr. E. Mr. E managed to smoothly compliment Miss G, saying, "That's a really nice dress" or something like that. Then, in the most hilarious moment that night, he asked, "That is a dress, right?" illiciting a most offended look from Miss G and a look of mixed amusement and horror from me. Upon further investigation, it turns out that boys are hopeless in terms of fashion. Like my former roommate, Mr. J, he thought perhaps the difference between a skirt and a dress was length, rather than the anatomy covered, which led to his confusion as to whether Miss G's frock was "dress length" or "skirt length" in ignorant boy thought. To save him some grief, I should point out that he is not an ignorant person in any other manners that I've noticed, I just don't recommend he write a column on fashion.

Dancing is good for the mind, body, and soul:
I've been dancing up a storm, whenever the opportunity arrises. It's fantastic. One night I managed to dance with a Pac-NW Celeb, one of the Gallus Bros. I was such a fan of the Gallus Bros. music, that I saw their performances every night they were in town. Then, one night, I bought one of the members a beer and got a few dances out of it. That was the same night I first danced with Mr. Mountain Man (hereon Mr. MM). I met Mr. MM through one of my newest friends, Miss AD. She was introducing me to her summer fling who is BFF with Mr. MM. I suppose we could fun summery flingy double dates?

Bonfire season:
One of the greatest things about summer is that it is bonfire season. I've managed to go to no less than four this year, and that is pretty slim, considering the bonfires I've missed. The most recent bonfire I attended was an annual event in honor of the deceased brother of an acquaintance of mine. I went last year too. It was a ton of fun. Much Rumpleminze and Jungle Juice was consumed. I had a lot of fun, but one of the more amusing parts was when Miss G, who was DD, saved me from what she thought was an awkward moment. I suppose we are always awkward, so she wasn't all wrong. I was chatting with Mr. T - whom I developed a crush on last summer. I still behave nervously around him, but apparently Miss G thought that he was the one who adored me...

Finally, some thoughts which must be stated:

Waking up at 3am is rough. When noon is 9 hours into the day, you are already tired, but you have 5 hours to go before you get back on the ferry. Ouch.

Bartending has its ups and downs... everyone must start somewhere, and I suppose I'm happy to start as a daytime bartender at a "rough joint" than to start as a cocktailer... maybe I don't make much in tips, but at least I'm learning how to make some drinks and keep rowdiness to a minimum.

More motivation to learn to snowboard? Mr. MM is a ridiculous "extreme athlete" who does crazy skiing and boarding stuff as well as BASE jumping. He was complaining of a sore back one night and the reasoning for that, he determined, was probably the aftermath of jumping off something really, really tall. Things like this just make me wonder what he's doing hanging out with a girl who hasn't even mustered up the courage to go to the climbing gym.


stickpaste said...

Congrats on year two. I'm not sure what that means besides that you are a masochist.

I dig your blog. Its classy like an 80's prom tux with tails.

Melissa Leeanne said...

Thanks for being reader number two. I also like that you think there is anything classy about it.