Monday, June 30, 2008

It's a sociological study, I've discovered...

Some of the biggest news in my life is that, well, in a subconscious attempt to receive more attention and possibly ridicule, I have died my hair MAGENTA. If you ever had any question about which girl I was in the bars, walking around downtown, or working any of my three jobs - there can no longer be a question... I'm the one with the magenta hair. Not much of that 'round here.

The spontaneous pinking of Melissa Leeanne:

I was at work Friday at the 'Vous, when I decided on a whim that I should buy a little tub of Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye and apply it to my virginal hair. I texted Miss MO and she came over to the bar to have a drink and accompany me in this grand adventure. We headed to Juneau Drug and sorted through the vast collection of vividly hued tubs of dye. I finally decided on something that had 'wine' in the name. We walked up to my place and I took the necessary steps, Miss MO applied the dark purply-pinky goo to my signature strawberry-blonde locks, and we sat and waited. I almost freaked out a couple times in the first ten minutes, but I persevered. Then it was time to rinse it out and as a wave of magenta rushed over my whole body and continued to gush forth from atop my head, I started to panic. The pink kept coming, it was leaving my skin a shade of pink, it was possibly dying my eyebrows a shade of pink, there was a good chance I would regret ever thinking about this... Naked, wet, and pink I nearly cried out for Miss MO to come help, though there was nothing for her to do. Also, I was naked, wet, and pink... which could be awkward. After a prolonged shower, two shampoos, and covering everything in our bathroom with spots or streaks of pink, I was satisfied and proceeded to style the magenta mess on my head. I kind of like it. A lot. Not sure if I'll like it for its whole longish life, but I do like it now.

Thursday evening I attended the Burlesque show at the 'Vous and quite enjoyed it. I dressed up all fancy-like and drank gin & tonics. I knew some of the people participating, so that made the show that much more interesting. During the intermission, I hopped on over to the Alaskan to see what was going on. Mr. MM shaved his beard. When I first walked through I apparently looked directly at him without registering that it was the man I've spent so much time with over the past month. On the way out, I realized it was him and was happy to see him after his illness induced hiatus. I also ran into Mr. CG and some of the other co-workers. One of the guys, whom I had only that day met, didn't recognize me because of the vast difference between 'working at GC Melissa' and 'having a social life Melissa' and I had to prompt him a bit in recalling our meeting. I think seeing me in a dress and heels with my hair done and makeup on caught all of them by surprise - just wait until they see the pink hair.

Friday I worked and then dyed the hair, watched a movie, and took a brief nap before going out. I met up with Miss CM for a quick meal at the Hangar before we headed out on the town. When we got there it was crowded, so we ended up sitting at the bar. When I sat down this older guy turns to me and tells me he likes my hair. Actually, here is a paraphrased transcript of the conversation:

Dude: I like your hair.
Me: Thanks.
Dude: (Rubs head on hair) I thought it might rub off.
Me: (Creeped out) Uh, don't think it works that way.

(Talking with Miss CM occurs and our food arrives)

Dude: Aren't you going to offer me a bite?
Me: (Looking at dude and salad) Oh, it's rabbit food, didn't think you'd want any.
Dude: How do you know I'm not a rabbit?
Me: (Seriously?) Uh, your ears aren't long enough?

(Talking with Miss CM and eating food)

Dude: Can I have a piece of your bread?
Me: I'd really prefer if you didn't.

(Talking with Miss CM and finishing meal)

Dude: Well, have a good night.
Me: Yeah, you too.
Dude: Oh, and, next time someone is nice to you, try to be less of a bitch.

That's the sort of stuff I expect at work, tending bar during the day, not at the Hangar!

After that, Miss CM and I went out to a few bars, meeting up with some others like Miss MO, Miss P, Miss AD, Mr. A, Mr. M, and Mr. MM. We had quite a bit of fun drinking and doing a bit of dancing. Not much to say but that the Great Alaska Bluegrass Band formerly known as Bluegrass 101 was playing. Mr. MM wouldn't dance with me because he was wearing flip flops... I was hoping for one more dance before he leaves, for old times' sake. I stuck around even after bar close expecting we'd spend more time together, having not seen each other for at least a week and a half, but he gave me a ride home and we parted ways.

Saturday I worked again and when I got off work I had to face one of my bosses who might actually care about hair color. She gave me the afternoon off because the store was slow, not because I have pink hair. I then spent some hours wandering around downtown, grabbing some lunch, and then putting on The Illusionist at home, only to fall asleep before the main cast even appeared on screen. I slept for a good 4 hours before I made plans with Miss P for some adventures. We met up and went to the Alaskan to check out the band. While we liked the music, we weren't feeling the scene at the time, so we skipped over to the Bergmann. There we had some concoctions from Mr. KI before deciding on an adventure. Adventures with me and Miss P usually involve an "adventure size" bottle of either tequila or peppermint schnapps. This time it involved the latter, some Capri menthol lights, and the start of the Fool's Run. After cheering on the racers and walkers, we headed to the hangar where I immediately broke one of the cardinal rules of being a good friend and ditched Miss P and the other two we were with because I saw Mr. MM. I joined him for a drink, which turned into a couple drinks and some really quality conversation. We spent the rest of the night together talking and having fun at the Hangar and eventually the Alaskan. We went home and then I got to sleep in on Sunday.

I slept in too late Sunday, I slept until around an hour before I was meant to start, which left me rushing and leaves me today with the same ghetto headphones. Work was pretty decent, actually. People were mostly well behaved, aside from the usual unpleasant people, and in the evening there was a going away party for one of Miss J's former roommates. I tended through that, had some of the tasty food, and then headed out not long after my shift because I had to meet up with Miss MO to go to Mr. MM's going away barbecue/bonfire bash. Arriving only at around 9, I ended up staying later than I should have, considering I had to get up at 3am. It was fun though, I got to spend a little more time with Mr. MM, some of his friends, and some of mine. It was a pretty good crowd, some more good food, and there was even brief nudity when Mr. MM got half naked to save a frisbee from being carried out to sea. We didn't spend that much of the barbecue actually hanging out, as he had many guests desiring his attention. Miss MO dropped me off at home and here I am. Tired. Bored already. Hoping I get that better job...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Could have been one of these things first...

I could have been a sailor, could have been a cook
A real live lover, could have been a book.
I could have been a signpost, could have been a clock
As simple as a kettle, steady as a rock.
I could be
Here and now
I would be, I should be
But how?
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been
One of these things first.

I could have been your pillar, could have been your door
I could have stayed beside you, could have stayed for more.
Could have been your statue, could have been your friend,
A whole long lifetime could have been the end.
I could be yours so true
I would be, I should be through and through
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been
One of these things first.

I could have been a whistle, could have been a flute
A real live giver, could have been a boot.
I could have been a signpost, could have been a clock
As simple as a kettle, steady as a rock.
I could be even here
I would be, I should be so near
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been
One of these things first.

Thank goodness I'm not to the point where I am concerned about what I could have been, rather, I'm at the point to decide what I will be. One thing I will not be: File Clerk. Lamest job ever, even with music. Music definitely helps though - my productivity was up like 1000% or something (a rough estimate not formulated by a real statistician).

I'm constantly discovering things that I could be, which leaves me in much the same place as I was right when I graduated... I don't have the singular dream that so many have, the desire to be of one profession, the desire to do something so badly you will stop at nothing. Mr. MM was telling me, the last time we spent any substantial amount of time together, about how he had wanted to do X so badly that, despite some pretty daunting obstacles, he has done it. It was at the same time inspiring and condemning - not as in Mr. MM condemning me, but just a feeling of being condemned to mediocrity swept over me. I dug deep in my conscious and subconscious mind for some dream to work toward - nothing definite - bits and pieces of possibilities.

On a lighter note - perhaps it is my curse that I am good at many things but that I don't really excel much in any one - it's helpful in a lot of situations though! To improve my productivity I brought in the good ol' first generation iPod mini. I had the misfortune of busting my headphones on a flight and as I had been plugging the little green hunk of technology into speakers for the most part, I hadn't replaced them. It suddenly became a huge priority to have speakers, but not so huge a priority that I managed to go somewhere and buy speakers or headphones. When I ran into my roommate last night, I asked her if she had some I could borrow - she said she did but that they were pretty bad. She was so right. You know the concept of shoving the square peg into the round hole and how it really doesn't work? How about trying to stick a large round peg into an ear-like hole. Not only is it ineffective, it is also uncomfortable. I survived mild discomfort and inconvenience for the ferry ride and the bus ride but my first task of the day was to engage in some creative engineering. I, using common paper clips, fashioned little ear hooks for the unwieldy ear-buds. It's set up so, resembling the logarithmic spiral of a nautilus shell, it is able to hook over my ear, allowing the ear-buds to dangle next to my ear, rather than wedged uncomfortably in my inner ear. Could have been an engineer...

One of the geologists brought in a really old book he had purchased for a dollar at some junk sale. It was a religious reference text of sorts from 19th century Germany. It was in that really annoying script, Fraktur, which was really common in Germany in the past. It contained hymns and was the sort of reference that a pastor would use if he decided one day that he wanted to give a sermon on a specific subject and he wanted to quickly find scripture relating to the given theme. It's got a photo of Martin Luther in the front and the thing is dense. I didn't put much effort into reading it because the Fraktur would have put undue strain on my eye. We also talked about the history of knowledge and how little a life a guy must have to write a book so in depth as that - seriously, a guy wrote a very compact book titled "The History of Knowledge." This leads me to believe that I could have been an academic.

One thing I cannot be, at least for any extended period of time, is a person who works a job that requires an obscenely early wake-up. I cherish my social life a little too much and end up staying up and out far too late. Last night, for example, I met Miss MO for dinner and when I showed up she had a pitcher of beer for us. Then we had a couple G&Ts after that, when I went to the AK to exchange debit cards, as our lovely bartender Mr. L had switched them by accident. I didn't know there was anyone else in town suffering from having a WaMu account in a place with no WaMu.

I was mistaken for someone else last night. Once again, someone who may not always make sound decisions. Let's just hope that my reputation does not get marred any more than it deserves. I do know that I am fully capable of marring it on my own.

Quote from Miss S in NC: "Drunk texting is the new drunk dialing."

I was on the verge of giving up on the summer romance with Mr. MM when my drunken persona decided to go out on a limb, sending a drunk text declaring my adoration and asking for his declaration of a desire and intent to spend time with me in the near future. When I woke up (not too late) this morning I had received a text message in response that eased my troubled mind.

Oh, something else I could have been: A biologist. Maybe a zoologist. Maybe that would give me the background to study why the heck a bear POOPED on the dock. I was pondering with Miss K the possibilities for bowel control and for the existence of feelings like modesty or embarrassment in bears. Reasonable questions, yes? Yes. Also, the night shift guys were trying to distract the attention of day-shifters to get them to step in the huge pile of poop. Funny stuff.

Note: I do not mean to imply that I believe this song to be in any way about pondering one's career choices. Nick Drake totally didn't consider being a sign post, even if he had the slight frame for it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I swear, I'm not listening to "Needle in the Hay" with a razor blade...

Sometimes I amaze myself with my ability to create an imaginary world of despair and drudgery and abuse of literary devices.

On one of my days working the day shift at everyone's favorite dive, I had good company. I constantly try to coerce my friends to come to the bar during the earlier hours of the day, offering company (rarely works) or stiffer drinks (sometimes works). I did manage to get Mr. L to come visit one day. I doubt I was really that great as company, though watching my exemplary patience may have been amusing. One of the daytime drunks tried to bargain with me over alcohol, tried to question my abilities as a bartender based on my hair-color (he called me blond, the outrage!), and also made some mildly inappropriate comments. Once I got off the shift, I didn't even continue hanging out with Mr. L, we parted ways so I could go change for job #2 of the day and eat a bit of lunch. I ran into Miss M on the day and had some news which brightened her day a bit, putting a much missed smile on her face.

Sometimes I try to claim that I avoid drama, that I hate drama, that I'm not the crazy bitch, things just happen to me... I am pretty sure that I ask for it. I do things that will inevitably complicate my life - I could choose not to do these things, but I suppose I prefer unnecessary stress to boredom.

I seem to have acquired a seat-mate for the evening bus ride. I think 3 times of the 9ish bus-rides I have had the same seat-mate. Two of these times we've filled the time with really pleasant and intelligent conversation. Once we get off the bus, we seem to end up in different spheres; me usually curling up with Anna Karenina and frequently dozing off. Yesterday I managed to use my awkward charms (is that an oxymoron?) to work out a ride for this morning. I asked the rather cute, younger geologist if he lived downtown (being pretty sure of it) and then asked if I could carpool, "and by carpool I mean get a ride because I don't have a car to contribute." We worked out the details in a few words and then I was joined by my seat-mate. This morning, while carpooling with the downtown geologists, I had the semi-awkward 'where do I know you' conversation with one of them, leading to me detailing the exact moment and likely what everyone was wearing. I swear, I wish I had a worse memory - I remember things so vividly sometimes that I feel like people get creeped out - or maybe I just feel that they should get creeped out.

Today I realized why I am such an unproductive, lazy bastard at work. I have no music. I sit here at this desk in this quiet office with only the whirring of my computer and the clackity-clack of the keyboard, the faint humming of office equipment, the distant ringing of phones of busy workers, the rumble of heavy machinery... no music. My mind drifts between hibernation and hallucination with the boredom I encounter. Enter data. File. Enter data. File. Update document or form. Enter data. File. etc.

Tonight I fully intend to get headphones for the out-of-date bit of metal and plastic called a first generation iPod mini. I will probably have to bring the wall plug because the battery life of this little gem is about as long as my attention span these days. That's really short - just to clarify. As the iTunes on my computer refuses to function, I'll probably be left with exactly what was on my iPod mini when I was using it at work. Elliot Smith, Iron and Wine, Of Montreal, Spoon, and various other things I dubbed appropriate to play in a customer service setting. I definitely offended a handful of the more sensitive old ladies with my musical tastes. If it weren't for the shuffle, I'd have memorized the order of those several hundred songs in the months and months I listened to it...

I can't decide yet if I should come to work tomorrow. Technically it is my day off, but as I ended up with Monday off... I might want to work a full 3 days. The decision is tough. 3am wakeup call. Sleeping in as late as I please. Making money. Spending money or at best doing absolutely nothing. There is potentially the option of hiking with Miss MO and Miss S. Tough decision here - if only I could get paid to do the things I love.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Karma Police Busted my Happy Home

I guess, when you aren't really the poster child for purity, good behavior, and virtuousity, karmic payback can be a real bitch.

1. No money for Melissa:
I have missed TWO days of work at the mine. One day, the alarm didn't go off, leaving me in solemn slumber until the sound of an engine idling outside my window piqued my consciousness. I had to run out in my pajamas, bleary eyed, mumbling about my inability to attend work. Yet another day, I was actually ready to go, but my ride never showed. I sat on my bed, staring out the window, then went for a nice little 4:45am stroll once I had determined that I'd be staying in Juneau for the day. That's two days (in a row for this job) when I didn't get work done and didn't get paid. Ouch.

2. No communication for Melissa:
Perhaps triggering my wake-up and ride troubles, I lost my phone on Tuesday. This perhaps triggered a string of events, all of which shall be listed in as whiney a tone as I assume the average reader can tolerate. I had the misfortune of being completely isolated from the rest of the world, missing calls, text messages, and being unable to wake up on time. Rough.

3. No man for Melissa:
Things with me and the Mountain Man took a dip. Also, possibly related to the lack of phone thing, I got stood up twice in a row. Ouch. Now, before people go snickering about the sad state of my social life, before people start getting upset with Mr. MM, he finally sent me a text message saying he has been sick. I'm choosing to believe, forgive, and forget. It has been a long and lonely week without Mr. MM, full of excessive drinking, karaoke, and other coping mechanisms.

4. No plans for Melissa:
While my phone was missing I missed going out to Miss G's final dinner in town - luckily I ran into her and Miss MO while we were heading from one location to another, so we were able to grab drinks at the Hangar before Miss G's departure. My Wednesday and Thursday nights were all planned out, until the plans fell through. In an attempt to not let a man get me down, I decided at some point in each night that I should go out instead of moping. This somehow led to me singing Karaoke, drinking whiskey, and perhaps behaving in a regretful fashion. Despite being cut off from all lines of communication, I somehow managed to keep busy. By Friday afternoon I worked something out with the phone situation, thank goodness, and was able to go to a bonfire full of minors (not miners), have a night out at the AK while in a funk, and sleep on my couch on another Saturday night.

5. No fun for Melissa:
Even though I managed to get out a lot, most of the time I was deep in a funk that would not allow me to properly enjoy all of the excitement. I am 100% guilty of being "hung up" on a guy. Oh no. Try as I may have, I couldn't ignore that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that things weren't alright.

Things weren't all bad though, I swear. I was able to appreciate spending time with Miss MO, hanging out with some friends at least while we were actually hanging out, and I watched a couple good movies. Also, my funk was immediately lifted when Mr. MM informed me of his infirm state. Now, call me a sucker, but I'm waiting patiently for my "I'm all better and want to see you as soon as I can" call. Seriously - I should be slapped. Right?

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Fight for the Early Bed Time (and How I Am Losing)

Except for Sunday, the past week has been full of early wake-up calls but unfortunately few early bedtimes. Sunday had a late bedtime but also a late wake-up time, so it doesn't count against me in terms of health or sanity.

Sunday and Monday night were actually not bad, I have been doing decently for the 3am wake-ups, minus last nights 11pm bedtime with scattered unintentional wakeups. Wednesday night though - 2am bedtime before a 6am wakeup. Why would I willingly get only 4 hours of sleep, you ask? To witness a bit of extreme awesomeness. I shan't go into great detail, as secrecy has been requested, but it was quite the adventure. I became acquainted with some of Mr. MM's friends, who were like the brothers I never had. Lots of teasing and joking around, which was a lot of fun. I realized I've been hanging out with mostly girls (aside from Mr. MM) which is a different experience from hanging out with a group of guys. The adventure ceased at around 1 am or so, and I managed to get curled up in bed at around 2am. I definitely slept through most of the first two sections of the MSHA course. Oops. Thankfully, common sense was often enough.

Monday night had a little fun because Miss B is back in town and I stopped by the old abode to visit a bit. Stayed longer than I had intended, but did make it home at a more reasonable hour than I have on other occasions.

During the two days of the general Mine Safety class, I was hanging out with Miss K, an intern here, Mr. L and Mr. P, who work here or at another company. We are all in our early 20's and we all found the course to be sleep inducing. We also felt that it would be completely legitimate to take the quizzes as a team. Whether our instructor agreed with our methods or not, we continued the team-test-taking method with great success. I spent most of the breaks chatting with Miss K, and the second day we went to lunch with her mom. Some highlights included viewing an image of a chicken exploded with a blast cap, Mr. P nearly giving himself whiplash when he dozed off, and making all sorts of prison jokes at the expense of a very talkative fellow who had gotten out of prison that very morning. All in all - boring couple days though.

Also during this span of days, my roommate and I went to Chan's Thai Kitchen for an array of lovely Thai food, most of which we couldn't finish and had to take home. Mmm. I had missed Thai. We took some Tom Yum soup to Miss M, which is about the time when I ran into Mr. MM and partook of the secret adventure. Also had an extreme awkward moment when there was an unexpected show of affection from a former fling in front of the current man-friend - leaving me feeling rather mortified.

Thursday found me out for Foxtrot lessons with Mr. D, at Bullwinkle's and the Rendezvous for Miss M's birthday party and to hear the Folkin' A's perform. I invited Mr. EJ to come by the 'Vous for the music, and I also encouraged Mr. MM. Both showed up about the same time, but Mr. MM reached me first. That, in combination with the band being on break, caused Mr. EJ to evacuate the building. Awkwardness? Perhaps.

Friday was more training, though not as terrible as the days prior. We fared far better.

Friday was also the Half-o-ween party at the 'Vous, so Miss J and I worked on our costumes a bit, I took a nap, and then I went back to the old abode to hang out with Mr. L, Mr. A, Miss P, Miss G, and Miss MO. We shared whiskey and chocolate and red wine before venturing to the 'Vous for the festivities. The night was a bit of a blur, thanks to many drinks, many faces, and much fun. I was dressed as a dove, because being an angel didn't appeal to me. As seemed to be the norm in the week I've described, I was again hanging out with Mr. MM quite a lot, though I did spend a bit of time with others as well (in my defense). He made sure I made it home safely and warmly but he could not make sure that I woke up on time for work the next day, as apparently my alarm clock was also incapable. My alarm clock, which is actually my phone, apparently decided that when the phone is set to vibrate, so also should be the alarm. The logic in this? I see none.

Saturday morning I was late to work by a good hour and a half. Oops. I open, so nobody else suffers, except maybe someone who wants their drink a bit earlier than 9:30ish. I had a hangover in the form of a headache the entire morning, I had some possibly too intoxicated and entirely too friendly native gents, all of whom declared my beauty, one of whom even hugged me. Not OK. The crowd got significantly better as my shift neared its end, especially when Mr. MM came to keep me company. In an extremely odd grouping of people, an old lonely guy, a somewhat raunchy native guy, and Mr. MM ended up exchanging jokes and talking about bouts with bears. Interesting, though some of the jokes made me cringe. I stayed at the bar a bit longer, but needed to go home to nap. I watched a movie with the roommate, took a nap, then brought together a handful of girls to go out for Cosmos and then to watch SATC at the cinema. We had lots of SATC-esque girl talk, all giddy talking about the relationships and drama in our lives. We then watched the movie and tried to go to a going away party, which we apparently missed, and finally ended up various places downtown. After bar close, we wound up at Pel'meni for some dumplings (I consumed my first full order - another bit of my Alaskanization, or more specifically, my Juneau-fication). We had accumulated another member to our posse on the way, a seasonal worker who attached himself to Miss MO, and when we arrived we also found Mr. L. We also, less fortunately but very amusingly, accumulated a final strange table-mate. Very drunk and possibly recovering from hallucinogens, he rambled about nonsense, made sarcastic though absurd remarks, and accused Miss G of wearing pink and doing cart-wheels rather than supplying the stranger with directions the night before (when we had certainly not met him). We were unable to convince him otherwise or to make any sense of him or his statements. At some point however, he realized he was sitting with a group of strangers, verbalized this, then walked to where his acquaintance was sitting, leaving his dumplings behind. A few moments later he came and fetched the dumplings. His friend apologized to each of us individually with a firm handshake upon their departure. We then headed home as well.

Sunday I slept until 10am, which may not seem late, but trust me - it was glorious. I made breakfast for Miss G and me, we chatted, and then I got ready for another day of work. It honestly wasn't so bad, especially since Miss T and Miss MO both stopped by at some point. I also had a fairly fun group come in (who tipped well!) and I concocted my own signature drink! It's called a Strawberry-Blonde and it is a mixed shot. Very tasty. Miss MO showed up right at the end of my shift, so we had a drink and went to dinner, where we had two more drinks, then we sneaked to the Hangar with alterior motives. We ran into her ex, Mr. MM, and I gave Miss L a slice of our leftover pizza. Guess which motives were alterior... After this brief adventure, we went to the Imperial to play pool. Finally, the sleepiness hit and I headed home, recruiting Miss A (a much better pool player) to take my place in the game. I went home and talked to my sister before finally falling asleep around 11.

Now I'm at today. Today has been uneventful because I've been at work.

Now, one thing that has occurred to me is that I always thought I was more of a guy in terms of dating. Pardon my sexism in this situation, but I was never a big dater, not a big relationship person, and I certainly wasn't a serial dater. I also thought that I'd want tons of space, even in a relationship. I'm discovering, perhaps to my horror, that I am far more of a chick than I ever imagined. I've been spending time with Mr. MM nearly everyday, paying more attention to him than to my friends, I've been wanting to spend more time with him, participating in PDA, and worrying about the temporary nature of the summer romance. Somebody, please slap me. It also occurred to me that I have been hopping from "relationship" to "relationship" with very little time in between, or sometimes overlap... Not that any of my past "relationships" could soundly qualify as real, healthy, relationships, but I have not been alone and/or I have not been emotionally unattached for a while. Weird? Yes. Do I possibly worry or resent this? Guess.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Alaskanization of Melissa Leeanne

I recently celebrated what I've coined "my Juneau-versary" and have felt that I've really reached my pinnacle of Alaskan-ness. In list form, here are the things that make me so Alaskan - most of these things have built up within the last couple months, and some of them within the past week or so.

1. Working at a mine - I wear steel-toe boots to work, ferry to an island swarming with bears three days a week, and wake up at a time my roommate is still sometimes awake on her "weekend".

2. Working at a bar - Statistics say that 30% of Alaskans are alcoholics and working at a bar during the day, I tend to see the real cream of the crop. Making little in tips and tolerating a ton, daytime bartending isn't exactly lucrative. It may be part of the reason I was chosen for my job at the mine, though.

3. Mine casual attire - While I do still get gussied up on weekends and when I work at the clothing store, my attire for at least half the week consists of jeans, boots, and a fleece or sweatshirt. I own steel-toe boots, extra-tufs, an Alaskan Brewing Co. sweatshirt, and Marmot and Mountain Hardware brand fleeces. Sexy.

4. Summer lovin' - I have managed to acquire a summer fling, it would seem. I know, just having a summer fling is not Alaskan, it is universal - we've all seen Grease! Seriously though, my summer fling is a wild, bearded mountain man. With me in my "mine casual attire" and he in his "trekking in the wilderness attire" and highly developed beard, we are quite the Alaskan pair. Not to mention the fact that we met at the Alaskan Bar and danced to Bluegrass during our first hour of acquaintance.

5. Winter-ready, already - I now own a snowboard. I won a few items in a silent auction and for a total expenditure of $208, I own a brand new snowboard (but none of the other stuff), a Choco gift card, and a painting (my own roommate bid against me - weirdo). This means that I have proper motivation to pick up this winter sport come the snowy season. It's a nice shade of green too, which makes me happy.

6. I've lived here for OVER a year now - pat me on the back, friends. I've survived the rain, the snow, the Taku winds, the small-town issues, the ups, the downs, the many changes... Here I am now, pretty happy.

Now, for some anecdotes. I've been busy and mostly without the internet, which means that when I do blog, I will no longer be bothering you with the most minute details of my mildly exciting life. I shall only share anecdotes that, ignoring the more mundane parts of my life, would make me seem like a wonderfully exciting person.

A classy night on the town with the girls:
Miss G and I dressed up in the hottest clothes we could muster for the night. Considering this is Juneau, Alaska - we looked absurd but hot. I got some compliments and stares, but nothing compares to the attention Miss G received. She wore the shortest, tightest dress Juneau has ever seen (without looking like a prostitute) and the greatest comment to come from the impression this dress made on people came from a certain Mr. E. Mr. E managed to smoothly compliment Miss G, saying, "That's a really nice dress" or something like that. Then, in the most hilarious moment that night, he asked, "That is a dress, right?" illiciting a most offended look from Miss G and a look of mixed amusement and horror from me. Upon further investigation, it turns out that boys are hopeless in terms of fashion. Like my former roommate, Mr. J, he thought perhaps the difference between a skirt and a dress was length, rather than the anatomy covered, which led to his confusion as to whether Miss G's frock was "dress length" or "skirt length" in ignorant boy thought. To save him some grief, I should point out that he is not an ignorant person in any other manners that I've noticed, I just don't recommend he write a column on fashion.

Dancing is good for the mind, body, and soul:
I've been dancing up a storm, whenever the opportunity arrises. It's fantastic. One night I managed to dance with a Pac-NW Celeb, one of the Gallus Bros. I was such a fan of the Gallus Bros. music, that I saw their performances every night they were in town. Then, one night, I bought one of the members a beer and got a few dances out of it. That was the same night I first danced with Mr. Mountain Man (hereon Mr. MM). I met Mr. MM through one of my newest friends, Miss AD. She was introducing me to her summer fling who is BFF with Mr. MM. I suppose we could fun summery flingy double dates?

Bonfire season:
One of the greatest things about summer is that it is bonfire season. I've managed to go to no less than four this year, and that is pretty slim, considering the bonfires I've missed. The most recent bonfire I attended was an annual event in honor of the deceased brother of an acquaintance of mine. I went last year too. It was a ton of fun. Much Rumpleminze and Jungle Juice was consumed. I had a lot of fun, but one of the more amusing parts was when Miss G, who was DD, saved me from what she thought was an awkward moment. I suppose we are always awkward, so she wasn't all wrong. I was chatting with Mr. T - whom I developed a crush on last summer. I still behave nervously around him, but apparently Miss G thought that he was the one who adored me...

Finally, some thoughts which must be stated:

Waking up at 3am is rough. When noon is 9 hours into the day, you are already tired, but you have 5 hours to go before you get back on the ferry. Ouch.

Bartending has its ups and downs... everyone must start somewhere, and I suppose I'm happy to start as a daytime bartender at a "rough joint" than to start as a cocktailer... maybe I don't make much in tips, but at least I'm learning how to make some drinks and keep rowdiness to a minimum.

More motivation to learn to snowboard? Mr. MM is a ridiculous "extreme athlete" who does crazy skiing and boarding stuff as well as BASE jumping. He was complaining of a sore back one night and the reasoning for that, he determined, was probably the aftermath of jumping off something really, really tall. Things like this just make me wonder what he's doing hanging out with a girl who hasn't even mustered up the courage to go to the climbing gym.