Thursday, May 29, 2008

Politicking and Puking

Well - I'm back. Back in Juneau and back in the scene. Maybe on that last one. I still haven't decided whether I'm ready to get back out there into the bar scene after my weekend away and my influenza-induced hiatus. Maybe.

So, the Dem-Con, as I've so cleverly nicknamed it, was pretty awesome. It was a costly trip, probably several hundred dollars in the end (ouch!) but for the sake of being a part of history, I kind of feel like it was worth it. It was also nice to get out and see another part of Alaska, meet some new people, make some new connections, and dip my toes into the liberal political waters of Alaska. I know, Alaska is a "red" state, but there was a rather large showing this year, which makes me really hopeful. Back when Kerry was running, it was the same ol' dems I always knew, the people who had been dems and weren't that excited except to possibly get Bush out. Yes, they wanted that badly, but Obama seems to be stirring up some excitement that Kerry couldn't. I hope that he wins so that I can really justify spending all that money... I am being recruited into joining the Alaska Democratic Party officially, as well as the NOW (National Organization for Women), and I am also going to be one of the brains behind a youth voting program. Apparently, my thoughts on the matter are important - pretty awesome.

When flying to Anchorage, Miss D was on the same flight, as was Miss K and one of her friends. I moved to sit with Miss D so we could fill the recycled air with our terrible gossip and my constant swearing. Once I arrived in Anchorage I rented a car. I've decided the guy must have thought I was cute because he waived a fee for me, got me a brand new car, and took the time to draw out a map of where I needed to go. Sweet. I drove to my friend, Miss J's house, where I got settled into a nice room. We went out for a bit, had some french fries and beers, and then went back because we were all pretty exhausted. The next morning I had to leave pretty early, we said our goodbyes and I headed off to do some delegating and some politicking, and the like.

I won't go into great detail about the delegating and politicking and the like, but as is normal with politics, everything went longer than intended, much was debated, and while it was pretty awesome to have the reformed republican staffer of Nixon speaking of the need to remove the republican party from office, I was ready to get out before his Q&A was over. We also listened to some speeches from some candidates for congress, which provided me with some very clear answers regarding who I would be supporting. Diane Benson and Mark Begich. The rest were... well... not impressive to me. They ranged from deranged and creepy to just plain cocky, but I think the majority were backing the two I found to be most sincere. We had a banquet, which I expected to be good, but it was mediocre at best. I am okay with it, I guess, since I was supporting the Mat-su dems, and it allowed me to see the speaker, but DAMN, I'm not rich enough to be supporting organizations monetarily.

Day two was going even more slowly than day one, thank goodness I had gotten a fair night's sleep at this cute little (vegan) bed & breakfast. By the time we finished the FIRST item on the agenda, we were already two hours behind. I made it through until the very last thing, but people insisted on going through all 45 items, discussing them, and voting individually on the items. I decided it was time to go and I wasn't the only one. I took the scenic Old Glenn Hwy back into Anchorage, driving over the Matanuska and the Knik rivers, past mountains and all sorts of gorgeous scenery. I didn't see any wildlife while I was there, but maybe next time. I hit up old navy and bought a blazer while I was there, but then headed to the airport because I didn't have time to do anything else and I had spent enough money on this trip. Once at the airport everything went smoothly, and I got a ride with one of the Dems and her son downtown. Once home I was exhausted, watched some movies with the roommate, and went to sleep.

The next morning is when I started feeling ill. I had gone to bed early so I woke up early, but it was too early so I went back to sleep, woke up a full 6 hours later, feeling a bit nauseated. I doubt you want to know the rest, but I puked a bunch, felt like crap, watched a lot of family guy and didn't eat. The next day I was feeling mostly better, but not well enough to be up and around much. I didn't work, didn't really eat much, and ran a couple errands. Ah, the excitement of my life. Wednesday and Thursday I worked, found out I got the job I wanted, and today I looked into buying a car. I have a good option, but if I can just carpool, I'd probably prefer that. I know there have been many occasions when I'd have preferred to have a car over having to bus or anything like that, but once I get to the valley, walking around isn't that bad - assuming I don't have to carry much.

Today I met up with Miss L for maybe the second time since I moved out, we spent, again, about a half hour together. We caught up some, but we have got some time before we're back to our old ways. Also met the roomie's mom. Also talked to Mr. A, but I don't think I'll be seeing much of him. He's leaving again for a couple weeks and I guess I blew it by not calling when I got into town (I was sick) but I doubt we can pull off a relationship if everytime we call each other one or the other of us is out of town...

I got a new phone and phone number too. Oh, the changes. I feel almost like I've started over again.


Myron Davis said...

Yay! Melissa is still alive, I'm glad you are back!

I would have done the whole phone transfer a number to AT&T and get a new phone when you sign up for a 2 year plan.

There are some great deals where I found $.99 for a blackberry pearl when you sign up for a 2 year plan AND you would have been able to keep your old number... but still an Alaska zipcode I have to say is better than a Oregon one!

I'm keeping my Alaska number :) and hopefully AT&T won't drop me when I'm in NY.

Melissa Leeanne said...

They won't drop you, T-Mobile is just anti-Alaska. It's STATEism, I say!

If I had transferred my number I may have been a full 48 hours without cellular service, which was apparently unbearable for me.

Myron Davis said...

Actually you are only supposed to have a couple of minutes. They do the transfer while you are on the phone. Pretty quick actually.

It's working with the old number then you call them, they have you reboot your phone and presto it starts working with the new one.