Saturday, May 3, 2008


My sorority had formal dinner every Monday night. We would all show up for a "family style" dinner rather than a buffet style, we'd be dressed "to the pin" and we'd follow all the proper etiquette. We would also state our highs and lows for the day or the week. It seems silly, but I kind of enjoyed high/low and I still remember the rule - say your low first so you always end on a high note. That being said, I wish my night could have gone almost in full reverse because it totally ended with a low.

My keys are locked in my car and the existence of a spare is unlikely - or perhaps the existence is likely, but someone knowing its location is around 0.01%. Also, I was locked out of the house (for which I have no key, but even if I had, it would probably be locked in my car). I first looked for the mythic spare key (not found), then I decided to try knocking on my sisters' windows (no answer), then I finally called my mom's cell phone and after what must have been the maximum amount of rings she answered. She came and unlocked the door and then shuffled back to bed. On top of these things, half my clothes are locked in my car from my days spent in the Willamette Valley, my pajamas are in my sister's room, I have to sleep on the couch in the horrifyingly hot living room, and we are shooting family portraits tomorrow morning at TEN A.M. I'm pretty sure we even have an inflatable mattress somewhere, but my parents only bring that out for the guests they care to impress.

Lows out of the way - I can get on to the highs!

I spent the last few days hanging out with lots of friends, which always makes me happy. On Tuesday I headed back to the Willamette Valley, to Portland first this time. I arrived later than I had wanted because getting started on trips is slow when you have a family like mine. My dad and I were probably THIS CLOSE to getting into an argument right before I left too. The drive there was much better than the drive back had been, at least 90% because it was actually light for the whole drive. I arrived at Miss N and Mr. A's house and we had some beers while we pondered which bar would best suit our moods, our budgets, and our walking radius. We decided to check out Goodfoot's (maybe I got the name wrong, maybe it's right) but were quickly turned off by the atmosphere. We went to Crush instead, which is a very nicely decorated bar and on Tuesdays they have happy hour ALL DAY so the drinks didn't cost much. As we were just sitting and drinking, we eventually decided that it would be more cost efficient to sit and drink back at their place, plus we could go straight to bed whenever we desired. The next morning Miss N and I had a small breakfast and tea before she headed off for a meeting, then I went shopping with my Nordstrom gift card I received for Christmas. I met up with Miss N and Mr. A again in the afternoon for a late lunch - we had sushi at the Portland City Grill. I got mad at Portland briefly on my way there because I thought my navigation skills could get me from the Lloyd Center to downtown without taking I-5 and without getting lost. I was wrong. I got lost and frustrated and the weather was awful. Portland redeemed itself during lunch though. We're still okay. After a delightful lunch with those two, I got into my car and drove to Salem!

I drove directly to Miss J and Miss L's place when I got to Salem. Miss J arrived just after I did and she and Miss K started making enchiladas from scratch - homemade tortillas and everything. Miss J, Miss L and I went out for some frilly drinks at Bentley's and caught up a bunch. I helped Miss J put some highlights in her hair, but it was disappointingly unnoticeable so she decided to use what was left and do her whole head. The results? Trashy. Oops. Her hair was various shades of brassy blonde, orange, and reddish brown. We had to venture to the 24 hour Walmart to buy some more dye to fix it.

The next day Miss J and Miss L had class so I went to spend some time with the sorority sisters, I mostly spent time with my little sister and a girl who will be moving to Fairbanks. I imparted some wisdom regarding moving to and living in Alaska before meeting up with Miss L again for some coffee and quality time together. I ran into numerous people here and there, which made me happy, though I certainly didn't see everyone I would have cared to have seen. Miss L and I ended up walking to the Starbucks amid a procession marching for latino rights. We joined in chanting "Si, se puede" and were rather horrified by the three man redneck protest on the sidelines - they had a piece of cardboard on which, sloppily scrawled, was some slogan like, "If you aren't a citizen your only right is to leave" and while I don't like the idea of illegal immigration, I understand the motives behind it and everybody has rights, regardless of their nationality. After coffee I stopped by the good ol' sorority house for some final goodbyes before heading to Eugene.

The trip from Salem to Eugene generally takes about an hour, this time... TWO. I discovered just as the lanes finally freed up that there was a significant accident - some motor home tipped and was basically destroyed on the shoulder. For a while we were moving so little that I got a chance to start devouring Craig Thompson's travel diary, Carnet de Voyage. When I finally made it there I met up with Miss H and we had dinner and shared some hysterical laughter. We probably stayed at the restaurant for two hours, despite being finished and paying about an hour into it. Miss H often seems very reserved but in my experience with her, once you get to know her she is a riot. I don't laugh this much with most people - we just bring it out in each other. Close to 9pm we parted and I went to Miss M's house where we got ready and met up with Mr. S to go out on the town. We went to John Henry's, Starlight, and Indigo. I got a bit drunk and danced a bunch, in the morning I felt a little hungover but that was cured with a nice breakfast at Studio 1. After breakfast I met up with one of my sister's best friends, Mr. C, giving him his sweatshirt and catching up on life since we last saw each other. Then it was back to Central Oregon.

Once back in "The CO" I spent a bit of time at home relaxing, spending time with family - my other grandma came to visit, and getting ready for a night out with the girls. Miss S, Miss N, and I got together again for the first time since high school. I had seen Miss N a lot before I went to Germany and some while I was back in Salem for my senior year, but the three of us probably stopped hanging out all together before senior year of high school even. We had a lot of fun catching up, or at least attempting to catch up over the loud noise. We went to The Twins, which was loud and had karaoke, but was rather empty. After a drink we moved over to Timbers, which was crowded and rather quaint. It wasn't all that quaint, but when I first arrived there was country playing and the crowd was distinctly hick. There was some variety, if variety is slow country, fast country, commercial rap, and Cotton-eye Joe. We saw some people we knew ages ago, some people we didn't know at all but who were ridiculously amusing to watch, and we nicknamed one scrawny, angular fellow 'Dobby' after the House Elf from the Harry Potter books. We did get up and dance some, which was fun. Miss N left a bit early but Miss S and I stayed out until around 2am. Perhaps the highlight of the night was forming YMCA-esque letters to Fergie's song Glamorous. Did we look absurd? Most likely. Did we care? No. Why don't I care? We were having fun and I doubt anyone who mattered would have judged. Anyone who would have judged probably doesn't matter. Then I drove home and was mostly ready for bed.

That is when I got home and locked my keys in the car and discovered I was locked out of the house.

This morning was family portraits and I may have been the only person to be ready on time. We had the usual photographer but also Mr. L, who used to work for my dad. We talked some, his heritage is actually Tlingit so that came up. The portraits went alright, lots of silliness from we girls, but that's how we roll. Glad they are over though...

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