Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What causes me constant sorrow:

Okay, I've gone through yet another day of listening to nothing but bluegrass. Some may call this unhealthy, some may wonder if it is some psychological issue related to a redneck past (maybe), but I call it enjoyable... whoever would have thought?

So, really, what causes me sorrow is stringent cleaning products drying out my hands and then getting in my eye so I have to pour a stream of saline solution into it while fearing that my eye will be eaten away entirely, leaving me blinder than I already am. Brilliant. I suppose this all could have been avoided had I used the gloves I had bought with the rest of the cleaning supplies, all those months ago. I'll tell you what else could have left me without these problems: Not cleaning the bathroom. Miss L would most likely have hated me a bit had I not.

Today I had an interview with a state legislator! I hope I came across as intelligent ( I swear I am) and I hope I can prove to have good work ethics tomorrow when I go in for a "trial run" or a "one day internship to determine eligibility for employment" or whatever it should be called. What is it actually? Working for an afternoon to see if said legislator sees fit to hire me. I'm crossing my fingers that she does see fit. I've been wanting to work in this field ever since I became Redmond High School's largest politics and law nerd during my senior year. Back in those days I was (gasp) conservative, but now I'm pretty active in the democratic party. All who read and care, please cross your fingers or do whatever it is you do for luck (drück die Daumen).

I also packed for moving/vacationing. Initially I thought it would be really efficient to do both at once, but then I was stuck with making a lot of decisions about what to send to Miss J's (my future home), what to keep at Miss L's (my current home), what to take to Oregon (my former home). Then I have to worry about how I'll probably have to do one more load of laundry before I go because my favorite jeans will undoubtedly be worn before I leave. Then there is the task of trying to decide which shoes not to take, because I really can't help but take at least 5 or 6 pairs of shoes. It is pathetic. Yes. I have packed my largest suitcase with the Christmas presents I was to cheap to mail my family, some sorority tees that Miss L wanted to donate to our sorority, and a small bit of clothing. My plan is to go there and empty out my suitcases enough that I can bring things back with me, since shopping is fairly limited here. I think I'll wind up spending most of my days shopping, spending all of the remainder of my paycheck (I've already paid bills), and then maybe a bit going out for martinis with Miss W in the CO, the Spur with the ladies in Salem, and various other events and drinking establishments. Luckily, I've already got my rent and deposit set aside in my savings account where I won't be touching it, and I've got a reasonable amount aside from that, which I could dip into if I were really in need. Time off work + Sunshine + Extreme retail therapy + Reunions = amazing time. I'll try to ignore the fact that family drama is inevitable.

What a tangent that was... Anyway, I've got my two suitcases almost packed, my carry-on still empty, my boxes full of books and clothes and shoes (I've accumulated some stuff in 10 months) are all inconspicuously located behind a desk in the living room. I am not thrilled about sleeping on the couch until I leave, but I don't really have any other good options and this is a pretty nice couch. In packing everything, I left my former room empty, I vacuumed, made the bed, and even folded and put away some of Mr. L's clothes. I felt so domestic...

Regarding my bass playing dreams, I am suddenly concerned that I may have a harder time getting one than I though. I have found some decent deals on ebay for something to start out at least, but after IKEA refused my order due to shipping circumstances, I started to worry that nobody would ship an upright bass to Alaska. Statism, I say! Does ordering from Canada make things any easier? Oh - right. Probably not since you can only reach Juneau via air or water anyway... Every now and then I wonder why I moved to such an isolated place. Then I just have to wait for a sunny day and I my resolve to stay here until I move to Denmark is reconfirmed.

Update on Mr. A. He didn't call when he said he would. I gave in and sent a pretty concise (yet somehow emo) text message. It was almost an ultimatum about communicating and spending time together. In responding as he did, he has indicated that he isn't completely uninterested in getting to know me better and spending time with me, yet at the same time he is still going to be a lazy ass about it and make excuses. Please, someone, provide me with some miracle cure for forgetting about guys who are obviously not good for me!

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