Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thinking is getting in the way of living...

I just spent long enough debating whether to go to the gym between the time I started thinking about it and an upcoming meeting that I've run out of time to go. I guess the debate is over...

Arguments for going to the gym:
1) I pay good money for a gym membership
2) I need to work out
3) I ate an entire Dagoba chocolate bar this afternoon
4) I could be happier with my body

Arguments against going to the gym:
1) I have a meeting soon
2) I hate having to do hair and makeup twice in a day
3) I did a lot of cleaning and walking which is active, right?
4) I just spent so long thinking about it that I don't have time anymore.

Sorry, gym, see you tomorrow morning - assuming I can get my lazy bum up.

The trial run with the legislator went well. I was very zealous in the task required of me and wound up with too much information, so it needed some paring down. I suppose too much is better than too little, but when we had to cross out half the things on the list, the amount of money spent on the school budget here in Juneau looked rather pitiful. I felt a little awkward about having included so much irrelevant information, but the request made of me was fairly vague, so I don't think that is held against me. I sent in my references this afternoon, and hopefully I'll get a positive callback for this one!

In my excitement over possibly getting a job in the legislature (like I said, a long time dream) I forgot to ask important questions like: How much will I be paid? What are my benefits? What is my exact job description? When asked if I had questions about what I would be doing, I laughed it off and said that if they listed everything I was sure it would take hours, so I would settle at finding out as I went along. I'm so silly.

Girl talk: I am going to buy a Chi straightening iron when I am down in Oregon - I'm sick and tired of my $16 straightener from Fred Meyer... having tried Miss E's straightener, I'm pretty much sold on the magic of the Chi. I already have a nice blow-dryer, why not have a nice straightener as well? I told Miss L that I'd show her how much better it would work on her hair when I got back. She's got quite the mane, let me tell you. Today was the last day for straightening her hair as a resident of this household. I bet anything I'll have an open invitation to come over to get ready for going out any day of the week...

I am also considering getting my hair done again while I am there, I had a pretty decent stylist while I was there before, I still have her card, and I kind of need a change. I'm considering playing with color a bit too, since I am not poor currently. Up-keep is the worst part about coloring - not that I know from personal experience, having nigh virginal hair, but from friends' experience, I know how much effort (and money) it can take.

Tomorrow I'll be moving all of my stuff to Miss J's in one fell swoop, I hope. I imagine getting the bulk of my stuff too her place in "the red slut," aka a red ford explorer with red upholstery, will be no problem at all. I've always bragged of the ability to transport all of my necessary belongings in one car trip (and that was with the breeze).

I must now buy a plane ticket to Anchorage, pay for my spot at the Democratic Convention, and figure out the best way to pay for a place to stay in Palmer... I wonder if people are carpooling from the airport?

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