Thursday, April 24, 2008

That girl needs therapy...

Being home is always interesting. By interesting, I of course mean... ummm... something that is probably insulting. Not every fight that starts at the dinner table (or pre-dinner or whenever) ends with a musical number - most in fact contain lots of yelling between those involved, lots of eye rolling, awkward silence, and exasperation on the part of those not so involved. Lucky for me, I have a home away from home in the form of the condo my grandma is renting. Not only did she pay for my plane ticket, not only is she taking me shopping for an early birthday present on top of that, she is also letting me have full access to her condo timeshare with it's multiple bedrooms - one for me with a queen bed - and hot tub! I have so far used the hot tub three times, a couple times late at night before bed and once this afternoon after watching Casanova and lounging about in sweet, sweet silence. While in the hot tub this afternoon I decided to admire the view of the Deschutes River from the deck, only to see not just the lovely river, but also a herd of deer! Being in Alaska as I have been these past 11 months, you'd think I'd see my share of wildlife, but dead porcupines and the occasional bear sighting still left me wondering where the more graceful creatures were lurking... still back in Oregon, I guess.

I am consistently driven crazy while at home, so I do need some form of therapy - my form of therapy? At least while "down South": Retail therapy. Hello Banana Republic, Gap, Vanilla, and assorted other stores, I had missed you. Definitely hit up some great shops and all the clearance racks. I know I dress well, but I'm not rich (it saddens me too). I also got a sweet pair of cowboy boots at goodwill in Bend for $5. I didn't try them on in store because I didn't have socks, but as fate would have it - they fit. I discovered one minor problem, uncomfortable on the heels, but that was about a $5 fix in the form of gel inserts, making these sweet boots a $10 investment. Holler!

I had every intention of checking out the band, Blue Turtle Seduction, on Wednesday night, but I didn't... I did have drinks with fellow sorority and university alumna Miss W. We had never been what some might call "BFF" but we had a really good time catching up before she heads off to Madagascar in the Peace Corps. I told her about how callous my recruiter had seemed and how it turned me off of finishing my application. I may be starting it up again as I did not get the job with the legislature. Another case of somebody having more experience... Miss W and I spent a bit of time ranting about the "experience" thing in finding a job. Good, great, hire someone with more relevant experience, ignore my enthusiasm and motivation, crush my dreams... how am I supposed to get anywhere if I get stuck working completely irrelevant jobs my whole young life? What this really means is that I am still unemployed when I get back to Alaska in May, that I'll have to go back to writing more cover letters (which I hate), and going to more interviews (which maybe I should start hating instead of cover letters, since those cover letters don't seem to be the problem...). Thanks, Bush for the stimulus check I'll be receiving, it'll be like unemployment. Thanks US Gov, for taking so much of my money, so that tax refund will also be like unemployment. Thanks 401k for being pitiful and under $1000 so I can cash you out minus tax and treat that as unemployment as well. At least I can probably survive a whole month without even busting out the credit card... Not that I'll go that long - I'm totally hire-able. So, off that tangent. The reason I didn't check out that band was this thought process: What if the band isn't as good as The Great Alaska Bluegrass Band formerly known as Bluegrass 101? What if the audience is a bunch of toothless yokels instead of the awesome audience of which I am so fond in Juneau? What if by the time Miss W and I get there, the band plays only one more song? Why am I paying to see a bluegrass band when I can do it for free in Juneau? Etc. Around 11:30 Miss W mentioned that one of her co-workers had said that the Blue Turtle Seduction was good, so maybe I should have tried... a delightful Mojito at the Astro Lounge was a pretty good way to spend a Wednesday night anyway.

Honestly, we didn't stay out that late, since Miss W had an appointment in the morning. It was probably good for me too since I had stayed out until 3am the night before. I went to dinner with a friend from middle school and high school and her toddler daughter. I had sort of been avoiding doing so in years past because, frankly, what do we have in common anymore anyway? I am a single, unattached, often misbehaved 20-something while she is a married, post-military, mothering 20-something. We had a great time though, dinner was great, catching up was great, her daughter is great... we stayed up until 2:30am talking and reminiscing before I decided to head home so I could be up in time for my morning hair appointment (with another old high school and 4-H acquaintance). Her daughter likes me a lot more than my toddler twin cousins... Baby A gave me a nickname - boobaw or something like that. A boobaw is a weird alien children's television character. As creepy as they are, since Baby A likes them, I'll take it as a compliment. How can one possibly be offended by an adorable toddler pleading, "Boobaaaw, hol' my hand!" Exactly - you can't be offended.

This coming Sunday I am going to a punk show at a local bar, it should be interesting because I'll be there with Miss S, the mom of Baby A, Miss R, one of the first people I met when I moved to Oregon, and I'm sure to see plenty of other old familiar faces. Miss W and I were discussing seeing old high school friends, acquaintances, or just people who never even spoke to you. We concluded that once you get out of high school, those boundaries don't really exist anymore. We know this to be true because of the number of "cool kids" who have been friendly and interested in our lives. Not that we really adore small talk, because we don't, but it is kind of interesting to be considered on the same level finally. Or then there are the former popular sports superstars who somehow managed to become overweight stoners with no lives... while that should have provided me with some Schadenfreude considering my pretty low social ranking back in high school, it actually just made me a little sad. To be fair, I wasn't a freak or a geek in high school, I was a pretty well adjusted and well liked kid, I just didn't stand out to people like that.

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