Monday, April 14, 2008

Maybe I lied.

People who are over people don't think about them for hours and then text them at 12:45am to initiate a coffee date with ulterior motives. The goal is to demand a bit of time, maybe have a talk, figure out if I must move on or not... He said he'd call tomorrow.

I also searched ebay for 'upright bass' and I think I may buy one and learn to play. Then I can play in folk fest. Miss T, Miss P, and I can have our own folk/bluegrass band. Well, we still need a banjo, but we've got fiddle, mandolin, and if all works out an upright bassist.

I read a wiki-how article about reading music - I need someone to teach me - just reading it was a bit abstract and overwhelming.

I've been listening to bluegrass for hours on end, I think. I should totally be in a bluegrass band. Juneau needs another, right?

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Angela said...

Reading music is interesting... I know how to read music, but translating that to my fingers for playing piano doesn't work so well. It's much easier for me to sing the notes. Good luck with the bass and reading music!