Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hi Winter, I missed you, glad you could come back so soon...

I didn't actually miss winter, but apparently Juneau did. Between the time I got home yesterday afternoon and the time I went out again for my meeting there was at least an inch of snow on the ground - weird, since I had thought it was Spring... When I left my Rotaract meeting, the snow was mostly melted. I then went to see Miss L at the Bergmann (with Mr. BH, for a bit Miss R, and later Mr. JC), and when I left there, it was snowing again. This morning, there is about 5 or 6 inches from my vantage point. Good thing I didn't pack away my snow boots to Miss J's yet.

Rotaract was not exciting last night, it is becoming more and more the club of the mid to late twenties crowd with an emphasis on being boring and adult. I guess that's what most people wanted? I was also getting really annoyed with our one male adviser because he is so outspoken and in such a rude way sometimes. He makes me feel like he wishes I had quit the club when I stepped down as president. Well, guess what, buddy - I'm not quitting! I'm just that stubborn?

Miss L was tending bar at the Bergmann last night, I rang the bell for the first time, but as there were only a few of us there and one was sick and one was Miss L, I ended up buying only two drinks. Ringing the bell is kind of awesome, especially when it doesn't break the bank.

I went to the Alaskan after that, where I ran into Mr. K, Miss LS, Mr. E, and some other people I know. I started out hanging out with Mr. K but wound up spending more time with Mr. E during that night. He bought me a couple drinks and I smoked a cigarette outside while he was smoking a cigar. We talked a bit about stuff regarding the legislature and old college memories. At bar close I got a ride home with Mr. K, Mr. JC, and Miss LS. Once at home, Mr. L was up despite being sick, and Miss L had just gotten home too, so we sat in the dining room and talked and snacked before going to our respective beds (or in my case the couch).

Now Miss L and I are trying to decipher a phone number on a voice message and failing miserably. She's called a couple invalid numbers again. I think we've finally got it. Yeah, team work.

Apparently everyone is having second thoughts about my move - except for me... It feels pretty good to know that your friends think you are awesome enough to second guess the separation decision. I know it'll be best though, so I am not concerned. We'll still hang out as friends and then we won't have to worry about living together issues.

Yesterday Miss P asked me what some things were that couples may have to deal with in an ever more serious relationship and one of the first things that popped into my head was: FARTING. Tee hee. Seriously though, I've lived with guys now and the weirdest thing for me was definitely the flatulence. I already heard about leaving the seat up, I will survive as long as I remember to check the seat. You have no control over whether they fart at random though - I don't do this. Most girls don't do this... I guess it is silly, but I think farting is kind of gross and I make it a point to do it away from people, while I've started to get used to the random flatulence of the males in my life, it still hasn't completely settled with me. Especially when it stinks. Mostly I just laugh it off, but it does ruin any fairy tale notions one may have had.

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