Monday, April 28, 2008

Good morning, Sunshine.

Basically, I haven't seen the sun in about 11 months... until Saturday, that is. Saturday was Wulapalooza, an art and music festival my alma mater puts on every year. It has always been one of my favorite events, made all the better by a nice sunny day. Unfortunately, living under cloud cover for 11 months negates the use of sunblock and left me with a sunburn on my back. Ouch. This is just further proof that I belong in someplace cold and rainy and miserable like Juneau, Alaska. If you think about Darwin's theories regarding survival of the fittest, you would notice that I have the right complexion and insulated build for those cold northern climes. Were I meant for sunshine and hot weather, I'd be thin and tan.

That being said, it isn't always sunny in Oregon, quite the contrary: the Willamette Valley is known for being rainy most of the time. That day of sunshine was a gift to the hippie kids who wanted to laze about or dance in the sun to the music being performed. I went to Portland on Sunday and became once again enamored with the city. SE Portland is this magical land of hipsters. On every corner you can see some plastic framed glasses wearing, canvas bag toting, obscure music loving, indie kid. I don't know if I'm hip enough to join the ranks, but I can long for it either way.

So, sorry, once again I organize my writing based on random ideas like sunshine rather than chronological order, which may be more effective for story-telling purposes.

Friday I went shopping with my sister and my grandma. We first went to this store called Blue. My sister, who wears sizes like S or XS and 3's or some such nonsense found a plethora of cute things to wear. I found nothing. I couldn't get most things over my butt or my chest and when I did manage, it only accentuated the anti-stick nature of my body. Oh well. We went next door though, where I found a nice cotton dress by Velvet (one of my favorite brands) on the sale rack. I've always been a good bargain shopper. After that we went and had bubble tea at Townshend's and I was delighted with my Rooibos-Vanilla-Tapioca Pearl combo. After that we all went home and my sister and I spent a long time getting ready to go to Eugene and then while she was still getting ready I watched Ugly Betty (it's back!) and tapped my toe impatiently. We weren't even driving together, and as I would soon find out, we were not even going to be driving the same route, as she drives about 90 mph and knows where she's going, and I drive about 70mph and missed a turn. I added about 45 minutes to my trip by having to go through Albany. Boo.

Once I finally arrived in Eugene, I went to Miss M's house where we met with her bubbly friend Miss S. We had some breadsticks and some port while we figured out where to go. We went to Taylor's, where I met up with Miss A, and where I was able to recall how cheap drinks are outsid of Juneau. Whoa. We were there for a bit, then decided to go to Indigo, some dance club. I saw some guy I knew from WU and talked to him for a moment, but we had/have basically nothing in common, so it was just confirmation for me that I did recognize this person. Some drunk guy offered to buy Miss M, Miss S, and I all drinks, then he apparently forgot and drank some more himself. A friend of Miss M's did buy us drinks though, so we were not empty-handed. After chatting and checking out "the scene" we went to the dance floor and danced a bit. Miss M2 joined us eventually and some guy danced with us a bit, but when we didn't throw ourselves at him he got bored. We left before bar close, which is earlier than in Juneau (I had forgotten) and I finally got to meet Miss M's boyfriend of nearly a year and a half.

Saturday I drove from Eugene all the way to Portland and then back to Salem with some precious cargo: Miss N. Miss N is my best friend and has been for some time. We met the very first day of our freshman year of college and if I were ever going to believe in fate, that would be why. All incoming students were involved with Opening Days, we had OD leaders and they sent postcards to us during the summer. It was either fate or chance that put Miss N and I in the same group, but I am either really lucky or fate had it that we were sent matching postcards, which placed us as partners for the first icebreaker activity. We've been friends since. Anyway, we went to Wulapalooza, met up with Miss J and Miss L and Mr. J, and went to enjoy some music, some sunshine, some bread, cheese, and wine, and some fantastic company. I also got to see my sorority little sister, some of my close friends from the days in the greek system, and various other people I had missed. At 5pm there was Alumni happy hour, during which we were treated to free snacks and drinks. We, being the recent grads that we are, made the most of a host bar and managed between 3 and 5 free drinks each. We stayed at the beer garden for much of the evening, with stops at the house of Miss L and Miss J and the field below. Miss J got drunker than I had ever seen her (she wasn't a big drinker in the past) and as she was running toward me she slipped on a muddy patch and in an attempt to save herself from falling managed to claw my neck. Ouch. On top of the sunburn I had achieved, I am in a mild bit of pain. We, being old grads, didn't know of any hip parties and ended up going back to L&J's place, drinking some beers, and eventually dozing off. Sunshine, alcohol, and activity apparently put people to sleep fairly early.

Sunday we all went to brunch at Shari's, where we ordered food and gorged to fend off potential hangovers. We had a jolly old time and then went our separate ways. Miss N and I headed back to Portland where we chatted for a bit before I visited Stumptown Comics Fest, possibly the nerdiest but also one of the cooler things I've done recently. I saw some great art, met some talented people, got to look at the author of Perry Bible Fellowship (but the crowd of ladies was too much), and was mildly disappointed that Craig Thompson, who wrote Blankets - the first graphic novel I ever read - had only been there on Saturday. Boo. I bought some graphic novels and one little comic zine about a girl living in Alaska, got some inspiration, and then headed back to Miss N's. I finally met Mr. A, the famous boyfriend, the one who had tamed the wild heart of Miss N. I brought him a little mini comic zine which had some collaborative works by Craig Thompson and another artist whose name is too hard to spell off the top of my head. His character is an elf though. Miss N and I got some food from the market and made some Mexican food, while Mr. A played guitar and we all had dinner and chatted and I had such a wonderful time talking with them that I didn't leave until 8pm. Mr. A and Miss N are now both trying to convince me to move to Portland, which is greatly tempting...

The drive from Portland to Redmond was rough. I started out by missing an exit and taking the beautiful and scenic but wrong route along the Columbia River. I called my sister for the correct exit and had to turn around. By the time I was on the right track it was very dark and I was upset with myself for choosing to drive, thinking I'd make it in time to go to that punk show, rather than staying overnight and driving in the morning with some sunlight. As it worked out, I was stressed during the drive, since the lines were faded and the trees blocked out even the moonlight, I was annoyed when what I thought may have been Madras was only Warm Springs, then annoyed when I finally made it to Madras, then so exhausted when I finally made it to Redmond and then my Grandma's condo at 11:30pm that a concert was certainly out of the question. I went to bed immediately and slept until about 9:30. It was glorious.

Now I am plotting my plans for the afternoon, which may include going somewhere for a nice scenic hike or something like that.

I recently did a nostalgic stroll around the property and will likely do a photo journal entry which will likely provide all sorts of biographical insights regarding life on the homestead.

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I'm glad that you are having a good time!!!!

It is... you've guessed it: raining!