Sunday, April 13, 2008

Folkin' A!

Folk Fest in Juneau is an interesting and amazing time. I don't think I've found myself so busy and having so much fun in a while. Well, I'm frequently busy and frequently having fun, but this is a case in which everyone seems to come out to play!

Friday found me running some more errands and taking care of more business, including finally going to the gym again. In the evening Miss P and I went out to Folk Fest and then the Rendezvous and the Alaskan where I shared another dance with my first Juneau crush (whom Miss HG once had a crush on, she told me - I avoided telling her that we have the same taste in men because that would be verbalizing the fact that I have a little crush on her boyfriend). I drank lots of tequila on this night, too much, and after bar close my memory is vague but luckily fortified with the knowledge Miss L provided. I know now that Mr. JK walked me home and that nothing happened between us, which is good, because kissing drunk girls is not the most honorable thing ever. I puked. Ewww. It happens now and then, that I get a little out of control and that I find myself forgetting everything and occasionally puking. It keeps me on better behavior for sometime after.

Saturday found me waking up at the time I was supposed to be at work. Oops. I only worked for about two hours, since I had a rather awful hangover and Ms. A is very understanding, having been there herself before. I went home afterward and lounged in my room, reading, watching episodes of Nip/Tuck, and contemplating whether to go out or stay in. Mr. L almost had me convinced that I should stay in and watch movies, but Miss P called and I guess she trumps Mr. L. I met her at Folk Fest and we danced out little hearts out to some sweet Cajun sounds. Once we had our fill of the Cajun music, we headed downtown to the Alaskan and the Rendezvous where more dancing was done. I danced with Mr. E and Mr. W early in the evening, and a very drunk Mr. N at the end of the evening. Mr. N tagged along with me to the Hotel Party after bar close. But not before I waited outside with future roommate Miss J and Miss T. While waiting out there, Mr. A and Mr. AC walked by and Mr. A paid less attention to me than I would have liked, leaving with Mr. AC and saying very little of import. Meanwhile, at the after party, Mr. JC had set up a nice little sound system and was rocking the second floor with some sweet beats and throat singing. My new bff Miss LS was playing her little violin and there was a guy with an accordion and another girl with a fiddle. It was fantastic. Mr. N was beat boxing as well, and some guy finally convinced him to go out and contribute. At this point I hadn't been drinking at all, but when Mr. BH offered a Black Butte Porter, I couldn't resist. I had one or two and was perfectly fine, enjoying good music and good company. I met up with Mr. A again and I want to think, right now, that I am over him. I believe that I deserve better, that I can do better, and that with this realization I can distance myself from him and our empty relationship. He seems wonderful, as this intelligent, passionate, funny, and (in my opinion) handsome guy, but if he hasn't seen fit to give more of himself to me yet, I doubt he ever will. Time to move on!

I worked today for a few hours and it was busy, which was really nice. On slow days I get really bored and wish I were anywhere else, but today was much better. The rain dripped down my coat and soaked my dress this morning. Ms. A handed me a sweater to wear, but I felt a bit like a circus tent, so when she left I put it back, only then noticing the weird line that formed at the border between the wet and dry. I put on a dress from the rack and wore it the rest of the day, selling one, and seeing Miss E wearing it as well.

What adventure does tonight hold? Who knows! Maybe none (might be refreshing) or maybe some more Folk Fest? Look for more adventures in the drama filled life of Melissa in the near future.

Oh - good news is that I have two promising interviews/meet-and-greets tomorrow. Wish me luck! I'm on to bigger and better things!

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Myron Davis said...

Very exciting, hope you have a good time! Looks like I'll miss the folk fest (today) as I'm going to be in Anchorage shortly.