Saturday, April 5, 2008

Do as I say, not as I do...

When I was in high school I used to train middle school and older elementary school kids on decision making skills. I would talk to them about how to weigh out the possibilities, how to weigh out the consequences, and what sorts of decisions were sure to be bad, and which sorts were better. Even during my freshman year of college I did a bit of this sort of community outreach. I have found though, in the past few years, that making the correct decision can be really difficult. That's all I'll say on the matter.

I felt really unproductive all week at work - I said I'd quit if I ever got to that point in a job, but it's hard to quit when you haven't got anything else and, after all, they did ask me to stay when I put in my two weeks notice. I am doing them a favor as much as they are doing me a favor by allowing me to stay on when my hearts not in it.

I stayed in mostly, which is a bit of a change for this party girl. I had decided that I would be a hermit, that instead of going out I would go to the gym or do something productive. So far that hasn't really been the case, though I did manage to spend less money (maybe).

Friday night I was going to stay in, but I wound up going out and I am pretty glad I did. First I went to dinner with Miss L and Mr. C2 at the Island pub. Mr. C2 and I shared a pizza and wound up teasing Miss L about stuff. Sometimes I tease a lot, sometimes it gets to some people... I told her that we were douchebags by nature - the red hair maybe... We went to see the play Brother after that, written by a local, it was about Tlingit culture in the modern age. We picked up one of the actors and Miss P and went back to our place for a prefunk before we went to the Rendezvous and the Alaskan, both of which had live music. Some highlights of that night include seeing the play, of course, having a nice conversation with Mr. A, and dancing with my first Juneau crush. Miss L told me that we looked cute dancing and reminded me of his availability but I reminded her that I had already convinced myself that it would never happen. Mr. A headed home early-ish that night and implied that I was welcome to come over, but I was still having fun hanging out and I, at that time, was still waiting for my dance with JC1. An hour later, I was considering calling Mr. A, but it was late and I just walked home. On my way I ran into Mr. C2 and we walked home together since he was staying at our place.

Saturday, Miss L, Mr. L, Mr. C2 and I went to breakfast at the Sandpiper, which was really nice. We went home and were just hanging out a bit and Miss L decided that we should all go see a movie. The Ruins. The worst movie I've seen in ages and I even tend to enjoy bad horror movies. Mr. L walked out after about 10 minutes while the rest of us stuck it out. Once we got home we were hanging out a little more until Miss L and Mr. L had to go to work. Mr. C2 and I were hanging out a little longer until he caught his bus. After he left, I went to take a nap, continued my long distance counseling and support of my sister who is dealing with her first real heartbreak (I had just mentioned how well they were doing too!), and talked on the phone with a couple people. Miss B came over at around 11 for a few minutes on her way downtown, she tried to convince me to go out but I felt like a bum and had decided that I needed to avoid Mr. A that night because if I did go out and I did see him I might just continue in the pattern we had developed, when I still need more.

I slept for many hours and then went to work. I am late for this job almost every time, regardless of when I wake up. If I wake up late I am late, if I wake up early I think I have plenty of time and waste it and show up late. It's never really that late, usually about five minutes. Anyway, I worked for a few hours and then got a ride home. I was on my way to check out my new potential residence to check it out but then wound up walking right back to the current residence because my potential future roommate wasn't there. I had dinner with Miss L and managed to make tentative plans with a few people and am instead sitting here not doing anything.

I'm really excited about my upcoming trip to Oregon and I think I may take this month to pay only the minimum on my credit cards so that I can spend money while I am in in Salem and Portland. Good planning? No. Fun? Yes.

I'm also looking forward to my tax returns and that stimulus check because they should be going directly toward paying these credit cards off. Soon I will be debt free and I will be happy and I will be all set to go to Denmark! To travel! To do whatever I please! I can't wait.


Myron Davis said...

That's great! (about the good things not about the bad things!)

That's bad! (about the bad things not about the good things!)

Okay now that I've gotten that over with that maybe you'll motivate me to write what I did, which does not seem nearly as exciting and interesting as your week.

Melissa Leeanne said...

Exciting and interesting can be tiring. I bet your time was interesting too, possibly more interesting because not everyone is into the soap opera scene.