Saturday, April 19, 2008

Back on the homestead...

Well, I write now from the family home in Redmond, Oregon. It's about a bazillion degrees in the house because of the woodstove being located at one end and needing to heat the other end. My mom and much taller than before sisters got me at the airport this evening. Most everything went off without a hitch, as this morning I forced myself to get off the couch and out of the warmth created by two blankets and the other house guest (I'm a guest now and there was a minor natural disaster which is supposedly increasing the electricity prices by 500%). I got ready, got my stuff together, though I forgot my book, and Miss L and Mr. CG escorted me to the airport and kept me company while I waited to check in.

Most of the day was uneventful because I was sitting on my ass in a plane for the bulk of it. I was on a stupid milk run again, which makes the trip hours longer than it should be, then my initial flight to Redmond from Seattle was cancelled so that added on another 20ish minutes, meaning I was in a plane or airport from about 9:15am until around 7:50 or 8pm. Best way to spend a day, right? I didn't even leave my own coast. Anyway, the highlights of my travels included reading vanity fair, not dying in a horrible crash, and seeing a really attractive guy with a cheek piercing. Weird? Yes. Hot? Actually, it kind of was. Anyway, I made all of my flights and though my back is kind of killing me (probably a combination of sleeping two to a couch and then spending an obscene number of hours in airplane seats) I still feel like it was a pretty successful day of travel.

Since being in Redmond I have:

Hugged everyone in the family, handed out the Christmas presents I was too cheap to ship, drank two lemon drops, had a fairly uneventful family dinner (uneventful is good in my family), and been amazed at the height of my two youngest sisters.

On the plane I saw a guy who I thought looked like Mr. A from my vantage point, not that I even care anymore, I've decided. That's right, I shall force myself to be done thinking of him. Maybe.

Speaking of being done - I ran into his friend that he is so frequently with, Mr. AC, and we got to chatting. I offered to help out with planning some event he was working on, not realizing until after the fact that this would mean working with Mr. A as well. Hmmmm.

For my "going away party" I didn't really do much. I went out with Mr. L, Mr. CG, and some of Mr. L's co-workers. We went to the Alaskan where this band reminiscent of 311 was playing. It was pretty good, but not really my thing at the same time. Mr. K and I managed to be artistic and then Mr. CG and I ditched the noisy Alaskan and went to the quiet Rendezvous where we chatted about some stuff and I started to realize a little more what a great guy he is. We had a drink apiece there and then walked home and discussed the sleeping arrangements, since I am technically not living there anymore. Mr. L was pretty drunk when he got home a bit later and woke up Miss L, but all was well in the end.

Chronological order? Pish posh. I'd rather just tell stories as they come to mind.

About that natural disaster, apparently an avalanche cut off the hydro-electric power so Juneau is running on diesel, rates are projected to go up 500%, which would mean a $200 bill would be $1000 - not pretty. I hear that the city is looking for alternatives, so cross your fingers or there will be more bed-sharing.

Bed-sharing happened Thursday night too, when Miss P and I came back we convinced Mr. L that we should all sleep in the big bed, rather than sleeping individually in small cold beds. It was quite efficient. Heatwise. Also, I'm pretty sure Mr. L was fulfilling some male fantasy by having two females in his bed with him.

Thursday was good though - went to cha cha lessons with Mr. D were great, we did really well and it was a lot of fun. I then went to the bars with Miss L and Miss P, we had some nice drinks and did some dancing. Mr. BH gave us a ride home when we were ready, which was nice because of the ice and snow still lying around.

I keep staring at my phone, hoping that I'll get a congratulatory and welcoming phone call regarding this job that I want... Blargh! I want it!

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