Saturday, March 1, 2008

Work hard. Play hard.

I've always been one to feel that work and play should receive equal attention. I have been known to toss around the phrase: "Work hard. Play Hard" here and there, but it looks like I'll take those words in whatever order they may come. Outcome: 'Hard (week at) work. Play hard.' And that being said, this past week has been like a week full of Fridays without the anticipation. Every single day, I had some trial or tribulation, some continuation of the same trials and tribulations, etc, and every single day (except Monday?) I stayed out way too late and had perhaps a little too much fun. Monday was still fun, but not to the point of being excessive. It would appear that, under stress, I regress to 'drunk co-ed' rather than doing something productive like... meditation?

The nature of this week is such that there are two stories to be told, the tragedy of my professional life and the soap opera of my social life.

I think that all I should really say about my professional life is that I've been doing a lot of learning, all the hard way, and that people that those I felt were to blame before are perhaps not to blame, and those who received none before probably deserve some. That includes me, but not exclusively. (? to that last sentence...)

Friday was basically the longest day of my life. Mostly because I got pretty much not sleep the night before. I started the morning with a doctor's appointment, including a shot which instantly made my arm really sore. Not the nurse's fault. Also, super glad I did the "cafeteria plan" as I get to pay for my medical stuff with untaxed dollars! Then I went to work (after I stopped at Valentine's for a coffee and scone) and I was there all day. Miss D and I were making it out in record time, but I got a last minute phone call and had to tangle with the copy machine. I helped out at the home show after that. I was volunteering at the show with the managing body I thought hated me, but through some great epiphany now have gained a lot of respect for her and lost some for another. We chatted a bit and got along just fine. She surprised me, as I had hoped. I chose to volunteer at the same time, hoping that I'd make some peace.

After finishing the show at 8 and getting a letter of recommendation from Miss B, I went home and just went to bed. Most exciting night ever? Maybe. But only because I hadn't slept much the whole week leading up to this point.

Tuesday night I went to the Bergmann with Miss M, Miss S, Miss E, Mr. J, and Mr. I, we just sat around and had drinks and talked about such classy subject matter as bowel movements. Somehow this topic comes up more often than I like to admit.

Wednesday I didn't have a meeting, so I spent the entire evening hanging out with friends at either the Alaskan or the Rendezvous. Mostly the "vous" though because I knew more people over there, and it was another karaoke night. I was hanging out with Mr. K and kind of laughed when an acquaintance of my main group of friends asked where "my boyfriend, Mr. K" went. Mr. BH was there, though I didn't spend much time chatting with him, he admitted that he was supposed to call, but I didn't get on his case about it, since he couldn't have known if I was serious or not that night, having been drunk off a half pint of Jose. I texted Miss L about going home finally, since I was a little tired, and she ended up taking her bike home, while I gave Mr. K a ride. Mr. C was being extra friendly tonight, but I am so done with that. More on that in a bit.

Thursday night was Sean Tracey's concert, so after taking a brief nap and fixing Miss L's hair, we went to that. The music was, of course, fantastic. Miss P and I danced a bit at the end. After the concert ended (too soon in my opinion) we went to the Rendezvous for the Rock-Paper-Scissors competition. I made it to the semi-finals again. There was trash talking in this round and my opponent had some girl come up and do the trash talking for him. She told me I had small boobs. Ouch. Mr. K was doing my trash talking, but decided to be classy about it and said we didn't need to trash talk. Then I lost. Oh well. Miss P actually won the entire night's competition. I am just hoping that I'll have enough cumulative points to get myself into the final round, though it doesn't matter since I'll be camping out at a cabin when the finals take place. It will be Miss P's birthday weekend! Once the competition was over we headed over to the Alaskan, which had absorbed most of the Sean Tracey crowd. It was just about bar close, so we didn't do much while there. We ran into Mr. J3 and Mr. G and ended up walking up to Mr. AT's house for an after party. There were a lot of people there, an interesting crowd to say the least, and while some people played either piano or acoustic guitar, we all sang along to 90's hits. I was faced with a sort of dilemma because both Mr. J3 and Mr. G were showing interest in me - both of them are really great guys in their ways - and I was struggling with how to deal with the attention of both. In the end, I didn't decide anything, I just behaved as I normally do (flirtatiously) and the decision was made for me when Mr. G leaned in and kissed me. It was actually kind of awkward because I really hate PDA, because Mr. J3 was right there and may actually be more my type, because it was Mr. AT's kitchen... the list goes on. Anyway, I don't really know what's going on with that situation. Talked with a Miss J and discovered that Mr. C was playing a number of people and at some point told her with great confidence that he'd be going home with me... If you were wondering, no, that doesn't make a girl feel good. And if you were wondering still, no, I didn't respond to the majority of calls and texts he sent me over all those months. Anyway, walked home with Miss P, Mr. J3, Mr. G, and as is evidenced by the fact that we had spent so much time at an "after party" I didn't get much sleep.

Saturday was spent doing a leadership workshop - possibly my favorite so far. The only bad thing about it was that we all ended up sharing dilemmas in our lives and one of the women in the group shared a dilemma that directly involves a friend of mine. Having strong opinions on the matter already, I grew kind of upset listening to her description of the dilemma and announced that I would be sitting that discussion out. She doesn't seem to know when to just drop an issue, I've decided. During our lunch break she tried to defend her argument and say that the friend of mine involved was the lesser of the evils, but I stayed pretty quiet and told her that it was my prerogative to avoid the conversation. Other than that though, things were great. I'll admit to my mind wandering in the afternoon hours, but I really did appreciate the subject matter and the way it was presented.

In the evening, Miss J came and picked me up to head out to her parents' house in the Valley. We had some beer and pizza before all cramming into Miss H's hatchback to head to Marlintini's for the concert. Miss P and I sat in the hatch. People thought it was hilarious and took some photos. Once at the concert, Miss P realized she had forgotten her ID, and as there wasn't much going on at the time we first arrived, I waited around with her until she got her ID and was able to enter. The Bastards opened and did a pretty good job, the highlight being their rendition of California Ueber Alles (an all around good song). The Presidents came out and were fantastic. I can remember listening to them with Miss D back in middle school and rocking out. They've still got it, for sure. They're coming out with a new album, they played some of the songs and it was pretty solid. They haven't gone soft, as some rockstars do. Ran into Mr. HG at the show, we wound up bumping into each other in the pit. I know he saw me beforehand, and I saw him, but it wasn't until this point that we were in such close proximity that the choices were speak or be considered a complete douchebag. We made some small talk, which included him saying he had been super busy, and when we continued the conversation after the band stopped playing I did call him out on not calling me even once in the past four months, despite having my number. He mumbled something about not having time for a relationship and I told him, "I didn't ask for a relationship, I asked for a phone call - it's a courtesy thing." It felt kind of good to have that little chat and to catch up a little. He told me, to make me feel better I guess, that he hasn't been with anyone else. I guess in some slightly wicked way, I did feel a little better knowing that my social life has faired much better. Mr. M called our group a cab and we had to run down to catch it. About two or three minutes into the cab ride, my phone rings and of course, it is Mr. HG, using my phone number for the first time in those four months. I was pretty nonchalant and perhaps made it seem that we might hang out further that night, and deep down there was a temptation, but I was strong in the end and that felt better than any other potentially cathartic outcomes the night brought or could have brought. I slept at Miss J's parents' house, falling asleep while watching Venture Bros. This morning Miss AM dropped me off at home, and here I am blogging instead of getting ready for work...

Oh, my life. I think that the main reason for reading this blog, since I've turned it into a soap opera, at least, is the same reason for craning one's neck to look at a car wreck.


Myron Davis said...

"I really hate PDA"

What does PDA stand for? All that keeps on going through my mind is personal data assistant but that just doesn't seem to work in the context of that paragraph.

Melissa Leeanne said...

Public Display(s) of Affection. Now whenever someone is talking about personal data assistants you will think of public makeouts. Scandal.