Monday, March 31, 2008

Wine, crashing prom, and plans...

Saturday was certainly not my most productive day, but it was not my least productive. I did at least a couple things which were productive, including enjoying the sunshine, walking around in my sandals and volunteering at the local radio station.

In the evening there was roommate bonding when Miss L and Mr. L and I had dinner at the Hangar. It was, as our times together tend to be, amusing.

After that, Miss L and I went downtown, but Miss L left after only a very brief period of time. I went to the Alaskan and was hanging out with Mr. K, but not really enjoying myself all that much for some reason. Mr. K and I decided to wander, which led us to the Rendezvous, which was sadly quite dead. While we were peeking inside Mr. PH caught sight of us and ran out to join us. We were walking around when Mr. PH suggested we crash the UAS Prom at the Baranof. Since Mr. AT would be working, I consented to go. We sat at the bar and had some drinks (I had water, actually) and talked about random stuff and the boys helped themselves to some hors d'oeuvre. One of the items looked to me like a fetus, which I verbalized right after Mr. K had taken a bite. I'm so sweet, I know. Mr. N showed up, because Mr. AT was working, and so I ended up hanging out with him. When Mr. K and Mr. PH decided to head back out to the normal bars, I stayed behind with Mr. N, where we concocted some plan and spent the rest of the night attempting to make it happen. Strangely enough, the most crowded place that night was the Viking, one of the creepier bars downtown. It was packed full of people who had been at the legislative skits before. Mr. N and I concluded that our plans were fruitless, decided to try again the next day, and had a drink instead. We walked back to my place and talked for a few minutes before he walked home. Miss L had fallen asleep on the couch and awakened when we came in. I offered to tuck her into bed, she went to her room, and then came out and lurked in the kitchen for a few minutes. I suppose it would make more sense to my audience if all the facts were available... it may be that Miss L and I are both somewhat interested in Mr. N and that we may both be vying for his attention. One night, when Mr. N and I had been chatting and flirting a bunch, Miss L had told me that she gets really competitive and that I shouldn't get offended if she starts behaving in such a way. Apparently it wasn't just that night or not just while drunk, it is apparently even in the wee hours of the night in a sleepy haze. Generally, my decision would be to just give up all hopes of involvement with a guy if the competition were between Miss L and Me - she's kind of a catch, but as I am also kind of a catch, I decided I cannot entirely give up.

Sunday I worked a few hours, then walked home and decided to take a nap before going to volunteer at the radio station again. I met up with Miss J and we sat around for an hour waiting for phones to ring for the pledge drive, not receiving any really. We were told we could go home an hour early, so we parted ways. I had had plans with Mr. N, but he bailed. Now I feel like it is the time to concede to Miss L. I've got enough of a mess to deal with as it is, what with Mr. A's untimely re-entry. He is supposedly going to call this week, but I shan't hold my breath. I have heard that people don't change, so if he has behaved in a way which is not pleasing to me, I should probably just give up...

I haven't been as productive today as I had planned, but I may have a new and brilliant idea for a job. More on that if it goes anywhere, I don't want to jinx myself. I am also heading back to the radio station so I can learn how to DJ and perhaps have my own show. Maybe I'll maintain a solo show, or maybe I should get Miss P to join me.

I have to say, Miss P has become one of my best friends, but I know that this term is not often loosely tossed around, so when Miss P referred to me as her best friend (at least one of them) I felt really happy that I had reached this level with someone in Juneau after my 10 months here, I consider Miss P to be my best friend here in Juneau too.

Not that my sister wants to be included in this soap opera of a blog, but she is now included, as is her "friend-boy" with whom I spoke last night. My sister and I have a lot of the same issues when it comes to relations with the opposite sex - I won't get into analyzing it but we have gotten ourselves reputations as being commitment-phobic. My sister has finally managed to break that cycle with her "friend-boy" who cannot be referred to as a "boyfriend" because the connotations might end the relationship. I haven't met "friend-boy" yet, but from my conversations with him on the phone (he answers her phone sometimes) he seems like a great guy, and I'm thrilled for her. He asked me how the man situation was in Juneau and I told him about my nice-guy/douchebag issue and about the odds-are-good/goods-are-odd phenomenon. So, this is a general apology to the nice guys, whom I have "friended" and a request for forgiveness. Having admitted that I have this "problem" one would think that the next step would be to fix it, but if you hadn't noticed, that isn't happening. Cheers to bad decisions!

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