Saturday, March 8, 2008

Things that start with T: Togas, Tequila, and Trouble

I think the title says it all.

Last night there was a toga party at the Alaskan - it was brilliant. Back in my college days, I was in a sorority. Our house, along with one of the fraternities, put on a toga party every year - somehow I never went. I was always out of town, out of the country, or out celebrating turning 21. Last night was my first toga party! I really enjoyed it, all of it, from making a toga (sorority style) to having a fake knife to stab Caesar.

In the evening I went to the craft store with Mr. K to buy fabric, he had a pinstripe Toga, while I had a green satiny one and I got some teal satiny fabric for Miss L. We also got some gold rope and some fake ivy leaves. My sorority sisters would no doubt be proud. Mr. K gave me some soup and I watched part of a documentary with Miss R while Mr. K worked on his Toga - his may have been the absolute best. Went home to primp and coerced (without much effort) Mr. L into going. I helped him make a toga and we called a cab to take us to the bar. I drank maybe a little too much, including but not limited to some tequila shots. I don't remember all of the night, but I do know that I was flirting shamelessly with a number of people, plus trying to deal with the awkwardness that exists with some other people. One of my co-workers was out and I definitely told said co-worker that I had been involved with a close friend of his. Good idea? Bad idea? Probably the latter. Mr. JB was dressed up as Caesar and all of us in togas took our fake knives and stabbed him repeatedly while someone doused him with ketchup and the men folk dragged him off the stage while we all chanted "Caesar is dead, all hail Caesar!" There was also a game reminiscent of pin the tail on the donkey - stab a Styrofoam Caesar in the heart with a butter knife. Usually I manage to stay out until bar close (and sometimes later) but I didn't quite make it, and one of my roommates and I headed home, completely and utterly intoxicated and we went to bed.

Today I am, as usual, wasting my one free day. Part of me relishes the lazy days while another part of me is upset that I would waste so much time.

I officially resigned a President of Rotaract. It was really hard, but at the same time a bit of a relief. I spent the rest of that evening with Mr. E who was great company on what could have been a really terrible evening. I continued on the rest of the evening after he left, traipsing about between my favorite bars and learning some interesting tales about friends and their fascinating lives. At or near bar close, as I chose to stumble home I ran into a known German speaker. We spoke German for a bit and believe it or not, he invited me zuhause! Scandal! I declined, being the lady that I am, but offered him my Handy Nummer for some more Deutsch speaking. I then went home.

I tend to be very aware of my surroundings and the people who share my surroundings. When I'm not drinking too much, I remember these things. I think that being so aware is often positive, but at least as often, it seems to get me into slightly awkward situations. This guy, whom I frequently see out, was sitting on his own last night so I asked him if he had enjoyed the concert (he was at the President's concert as well) and he gave me the most confused look which prompted me to explain that I had seen him there. He apparently has never ever noticed me and I joked that I felt like a creeper and walked away after our brief conversation. Is it weird to be so observant? I have a theory that people are more observant than they let on but to maintain the cool and careless attitude, that we all hold so esteemed, we have to act like we don't notice anything but the pattern on the carpeting and the antics of our cliques.

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