Friday, March 28, 2008

Not dead, believe it or not.

Wow - more than a week and a half since the last update. Some may have guessed at death by hangover, but I was fine! I even managed to continually go out and be social for pretty much every other day of the week. I can hardly remember everything because it was pretty packed.

Tuesday after St. Paddy's I think I stayed in. If anyone begs to differ, feel free to comment.

Wednesday night was Miss L's last night in town before she left for a long weekend, so we went out on the town with Miss P and perhaps went a little overboard.

I swore I'd stay in Thursday but Mr. L invited me out to Open Mic at the Alaskan and I couldn't resist. Once I got there, I kind of wished I had, but that's another issue entirely.

Friday night was Miss R's birthday celebration, so after a pleasant pre-funk at home with Miss P and Mr. L we went to the Rendezvous, where we stayed for about 5 minutes because Miss R was headed to the Imperial. I think I may have mentioned how rarely I actually go to the Imperial, but tonight I was in a dancing mood and managed to dance most of the night. I was feeling pretty generous and bought more drinks for others than for myself and had a pretty hefty tab. I still have money in my account though, which is good since I don't get paid until this MONDAY even though it is a State holiday.

Saturday I bummed around most of the day rather than being productive, but then I met up with Miss P and we hiked up to Dan Moller cabin! We started the hike with jackets on, but realized very soon thereafter that it was ridiculous so I lost the jacket and made the hike in my fleece. I don't own snow pants (silly, I know) so I layered some leggings under my jeans. It worked fine until closer to the end of the trail when the snow, even where snow-mobiles had packed it down, was up to my hips. We, at this point, were getting pretty frustrated when we'd sink in to our hips almost every other step. We were making very little progress so we tried crawling over the snow. This less dignified method may have hurt the knees and the pride a bit, but it was much more efficient. We also spent a good 20 minutes sitting in despair, while the snow soaked through my clothing and my butt went numb. Cozy! We were really close to the cabin by this time and we actually passed it by a couple yards until Mr. M started yelling for us and then led us to the cabin, which was buried almost entirely. We had to walk into a sort of snow cave to get to the entrance.

Once we had arrived we changed into dry clothing and cooked some hot dogs, tapped the Heinekeg, and began the awesome birthday party. The other guest was Mr. Marshmallow Eyes (inside joke?) hereon Mr. ME. Many more had said they would come, but I don't think most were hardcore enough to make the hike. The nights festivities included eating cupcakes (with a candle on Miss P's), playing King's Cup, roasting marshmallows over candles, and pillow talk (my pillow was a fleece).

In the morning we eased out of bed and had some breakfast and melted snow to drink (since we had neglected to bring enough water). We had attempted to melt some last night, but as we were doing so in red cups, which got sort of melty and distorted, we feared that the State of California might deem it full of carcinogens. We instead melted smaller amounts of water in the little camp pots. Miss P and I took our sweet time that morning, even smoking a cigarette a piece from a pack we found in the cupboard (probably smoking the hanta virus) which gave us a ridiculous nicotine high, perhaps because we were sober and standing on a mountain and not smokers generally. We walked back down a little later in the afternoon, or I walked and Miss P snowboarded. It was a lot easier going down.

That evening I didn't really do much of anything, probably because I was tired!

Monday night Miss L, Mr. L and I spent the evening at home being silly. I was very productive and cleaned the kitchen. It is kind of funny if you know all of the circumstances involved, but you don't, and you won't!

Tuesday night is always my do nothing night, and this Tuesday night was no different, I think.

Wednesday night was Miss L's birthday bash. Oh my. What a bash. We had people over starting pretty early. Miss L and I must have planned it perfectly because the man to woman ratio was probably consistently 5:1. Hilarious. There were some pretty silly twister games, lots of drinking, eating of dishes brought by guests or provided by us, and even a bit of nudity. Mr. L did a bit of streaking, which caused a great deal of laughter in the pre-bar crowd. After we had had our fill of Summer Ale, sangria, or red wine, and food, those of us remaining headed to the Alaskan for some birthday shots and more fun. Everyone's favorite local blues musician was playing, so we had some great entertainment. We rallied some people for an after party at bar close and managed to all go back to our place where we continued to be noisy and raucous and even a bit scandalous. Mr. L got naked again and some kid who maybe knew someone who belonged at the party (?) grew very disturbed by the male nudity and was literally seething with anger, threatening to beat Mr. L up. Everyone tried to calm him down and we told him that Mr. L lives here so he had to choose between calming down or getting the hell out. No fights broke out, but I do believe there was jealousy, debauchery, and other sinful things until the wee hours of the morning. We had a few people stay over and I drove Miss P home early in the morning.

During the middle of this week I didn't go to work! You'd probably guess that I took some time off to spend on myself, but you'd be wrong. I took time off to attend the SE Conference Mid-Session Summit and a business seminar. I'm so grown up, I know. I also managed to sneak in an appointment or two, which is always nice.

Today I was back at work and not too thrilled about it, but it was a Friday, so I can't really complain. I am now lounging around, trying to decide what on earth to do tonight. I've got a nice invitation from Mr. D to go to a bonfire. I think Miss P and some other friends were thinking of doing a bonfire as well, but I don't know if it would really be appropriate to bring a zillion rowdy people to the bonfire planned by a friend of a friend... There's also downtown, and if I do the bar scene, I'll get the money owed to me sooner rather than later... and also spend some of it. Oh, decisions... We'll see who calls me and bugs me about making plans. I'll be passive tonight.

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Myron Davis said...

Sorry I haven't been posting stuff.. I've been reading.

Here is the deal:

Bring lots of rowdy friends... I've been requested that...

And now it's on Sunday night. Yep I'm confusing. So PLEASE come and bring anyone who wants to come!

Last years bomb fire was "A night of Mayhem", this one is "Mob Rule", and under the classification erotic sex party?

hmm... I'm not sure if it really is that but...

I really hope you+ as many people as you want to come along will be welcome.