Monday, March 17, 2008

Lesson: Learned

Saturday night I started to feel antsy and did go out. I then found myself surrounded by lots of people, but not any of them were really good friends. I decided after hitting up the most common hot spots that I would go to the Bergmann where at least I knew the bartender. I had a couple drinks there and talked to Miss B on the phone before I decided to venture back out into the normal downtown scene. I walked back into the Alaskan and saw an acquaintance of mine I rarely see out, and we decided to go on a bit of an adventure. Mostly, we decided that we should buy cigarettes and then we wound up with a couple of beers as well, which we drank on the docks while talking about traveling Europe and communes and such things. After that we went to the Hangar, where we drank some more, and then we stopped at Pel'meni, which I've still only eaten twice in my life, and then walked back to my place because driving was out of the question and his ride had bailed on him. We both had to work at noon the next day so we went and had breakfast, tried to rehydrate and get rid of hangovers, and then I worked all day Sunday.

While at work I received some phone calls, one of them from a friend mentioned earlier, nicknamed Mr. BH for giving bear hugs. I had harassed him about not calling me for ages, so I was pretty surprised when he did call to invite me to see a movie. He picked me up and we went to the cinema, talking about living abroad and such. The movie we saw was the Bank Job (perfect for someone who works at a bank, right?) and I wish I had been more alert during the movie because I know I missed some valuable details. After the movie he dropped me off at home and I had to apologize for being less than exciting during our activity. Maybe I should bring him something nice at work tonight so that I can make up for being a lame date/activity-partner/friend/whatever.

I have a tendency to be completely unaware if something isn't meant to be platonic unless things are very obviously not platonic. For something to obviously be considered a date, I apparently need someone to declare it as such or I need a kiss. Hugs? Platonic... Handshakes? So platonic and distant it is awkward. Are there signs a person should know when trying to figure out if something is a date?

Today I turned in my letter of resignation. Word gets around fast. I don't even know how everyone knew by mid day. I didn't get the memo. I was told that I can extend my time here as long as I'd like (which, if I don't get a new job in the next two weeks and if I don't at least have some interviews, I might as long as the downtown branch is up and running). I'll consult with HR and the management.

I also turned in an application at AEG, thinking that maybe they'd be able to match me up with a great employer... who knows.

I should hear back about a job by tomorrow, cross your fingers for me!

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