Friday, March 28, 2008

Another spontaneous idea:

So, sometimes I can be really spontaneous. Kind of like when I decided to move to Alaska. It's getting to be about that time again. I'm tired of my job, I've had very little luck finding another "real" job, and I will be gone for two weeks from April 19th until May 4th visiting family and friends in Oregon. At yesterday's seminar I had a woman tell me that I should come work for her in Dyea - a ghost town near Skagway - she runs a B&B there. At first I thought it was an awful idea, but suddenly, today, it seemed brilliant. I think I might move to an even more isolated and random location, work a job that will probably be more active and less dull, and not pay rent! It has so much potential. I think I may look into trying to bartend in Skagway too, as it is only 8.5 miles away, which I could manage on a bike.

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