Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All I really need to say:

All I really need to say is this:

2 green beers
1 guinness
2 shots of irish whiskey
1 pale
1 irish carbomb
1 rainier

Happy (non-catholic) St Patrick's Day.

Pre-funk with Mr. L, Miss P, and Mr. OC. Things got a bit messy when green food coloring got involved. I also slipped and fell in some mud, but Mr. OC was the only one who knew (until I posted it on the internet). We made sure to drink Irish beer and whiskey to have the most authentic evening possible. The pre-funk lasted a long time but then we went to go visit Miss L at her place of employment, here we played some air hockey (I'm really bad) and talked with the other people around. By the time we felt ready to go take on the world it was already nearly bar close, so we ran over to the Alaskan to find it locked. Good thing the bouncer likes me, he let us in so we were able to find out friends and then we had an after party at Miss T's place. I do believe I managed to avoid drinking any of the whiskey that was available, but I did manage to consume one more beer. At around 3 or so, forces beyond my control caused me to be both very drunk and very tired, so I decided to call a cab. It would have taken a half hour so I declared that I would walk and Mr. OC went with me. We actually found a cab and headed back to the Hardcore House (may undergo official name change) and had some pita chips and talked with Mr. L. Then I went to bed.

Today was one of those awful days, maybe I was still slightly drunk when I got up this morning... just maybe. I survived, somehow, and here I am at home and ready to just pass out whenever the sleep overcomes me. I turned down plans with Miss P and Mr. M so that I could observe my day of rest.

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