Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Actually, don't read any of this...

My blog definitely took a turn for the personal, and judging by the lack of comments, I'd say the posts became intimidatingly long enough to deter people. Thank goodness. Only the truly hardcore will stick around for this soap opera, right?

Monday Night I went to an event with ulterior motives, dragging friends along with me. I watched some great performances and played a couple games of pool. Highlights, especially when compared to the awkward attempts at small talk with Mr. G. After one slightly awkward attempt, I whined to Miss P about how awkward it was and how I didn't want it to be and how annoyed I was at all these other (possibly cuter) girls who were flirting with him. She convinced me that it would be just fine for Mr. F to know, so I spilled about the dilemma and his advice was to just go for it. I tried one more time to get a conversation started, failed, and then went back to Miss P and Mr. F and told them that it was all over, that it was a fluke, that we were never to be.

When bar close came around, Miss P and I were getting ready to go and we happened to offer a ride to Mr. F and Mr. G, who accepted. Then while we were walking, they changed their minds and decided they'd just get a cab (instead of walking to my house and then driving) which made me think that Mr. G just wanted to be as far from me as possible. I was a little crestfallen until they offered to give us a ride as far as our place. While we were stopped for Miss P and I to get out, the boys had a brilliant idea that we could all hang out at my place. This seemed like a positive turn in my head, so I said sure. We all lumbered inside and chatted more noisily than one should during the wee hours of the morn, and spent a couple hours talking. The conversation was highly amusing and not by any means shallow, which is good, since depth and intelligence are things I look for. Looks like it's not a lost cause. Don't know if it's 100% what I'm looking for, but it feels good to be giddy again.

Had an interview today. It was kind of rough. There were a lot of specific questions asking me about experience I didn't have. I had to be honest and say, "Nope, no clue!" but keep a positive attitude so they'd think that at least I'd be willing to learn, which I would. I got a chance to, at the end, say why I think I should have the job. I pointed out that while I had said so many times that I didn't know, the reason I should get the job is because I am a fast learner, I've got a positive attitude, and that I'm good at a lot of other things!

I have another interview coming up Friday morning. I think I am a little more excited for that one. We'll see how it goes. I feel like instead of dressing up nice I should probably wear something hemp. If you know me, you'll know which job interview it is.

Otherwise life is good. Aside from me being way tired from staying up so late last night. Also had to get up super early to take Miss P home. I think it may be nap time...


Myron Davis said...

Too late already read!

Do I get any star points to put on my fridge for being truly hardcore? :)

Melissa Leeanne said...

At least three.