Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentines, that guy, old college chums, and hangovers...

Last Friday I had made plans with Miss P to be valentines. Not in any romantic or erotic way, of course, but it is nice to have someone to spend time with on such a day and someone to do something nice for. I bought Miss P a stuffed unicorn (there can be no explanation) and some Rittersport chocolate from Germany. Originally we were going to have dinner plans at a restaurant, but we couldn't get in where we wanted, when we wanted, so we adapted and I made fajitas. We had a lovely evening of girl talk, good food, and some chocolate chip cookies baked by Miss P.

Once we had done a fair amount of girl talk, we decided to go make our deliveries. I didn't realize when I made the decision to do this, but after thinking about it in another context, buying chocolates for the bartenders and bouncers of my three favorite bars may seem a little pathetic... I bought red, heart shaped, fake rose bedecked boxes of chocolate for three different bars and I have to say that the response I received from Mr. E was really the best, can't complain about a big bear hug like that. I got another hug at another location. Only one bartender didn't seem particularly thrilled, but I was doing it more for his co-workers who tend bar other nights anyway. Miss P and I also gave out a number of her cookies, also at two other bars and Pel'meni. As we had made it to the wharf building anyway, we settled at a location there and played a few games of pool. Neither of us can boast tons of skill or finesse, but we had fun.

I went home after that and cleaned up a bit of the mess I had left and then settled down to watch an episode of Lost, which turned into two, one of them being the season one finale and twice as long... Miss L came home while I was watching the finale and we caught each other up on our nights. She had been informed that there had been a discussion about her hotness, and the degree to which she was hot. Apparently there were no dissenters. I hope that at some point there will be such a discussion regarding my charms. I like to think that there has been at some point, but that I just wasn't informed of it by a drunk Mr. B.

Friday I worked (like most every day) and then went home and relaxed for about twenty minutes before Miss L convinced me to go to the Banff Film Festival, which was all films about mountains and such. I can't say it was actually my thing, but I did get somewhat an adventurous bug, making me finally decide to try rock climbing or something like that in the near future. After the festival, Miss L and I went home and got ready to go out on the town. She started at the Island Pub and I went out to my usual spots (does this sound pathetic yet?) and chatted with friends while I waited to pick Miss L up and bring her downtown as well. At Mr. C2's suggestion, I called Miss L at midnight, when she said she'd probably be ready, and as it turns out she had a ride situated and I bought myself a drink. While here I ended up talking to a guy I had met before, whom I see everywhere, and who is friends with most of my friends. For some reason I had never really talked to him much before, but he is a nice guy. When I attempted to describe him to my roommate I realized he is "that guy" - you know, the person who is always there, nice, when described sounds like just anyone else, plus he has a terribly common name. I couldn't actually explain who he was at all because there was nothing I could say that would set him apart from anyone else. Odd. I had a couple drinks at one location, then went and checked out all the other locations with Miss R and Miss E. At one location, a drunk girl grabbed my ass! I eventually ended up back where I almost always end up and had a few drinks with Mr. E, who told me I looked pretty, how flattering. I guess I got a little carried away drinking with Mr. E and the rest of the night is a blur. I remember bits and pieces, talking to this or that person, etc. But the more I try to remember of the night, the less clear it is.

Saturday, you won't be surprised to know, was rather miserable as I had a terrible hangover from drinking so much the night before (5 drinks, I think). I watched a bunch of Lost (it's a terrible addiction) and I ran an errand downtown. Nothing terribly exciting. I went out very briefly to meet up with Miss L and found myself rather bored, aside from my conversation with the Sasquatch, who remained in character quite well. I adore him and Miss L and I said once that we wouldn't mind someday marrying someone like Sasquatch (in his normal persona). I went home rather early and chilled out at home.

Today I worked for a few hours and then have done basically nothing for the rest of the day. I sent Mr. A a text message and received no response though... I guess Mr. K was right and that I do always go for assholes. I sent two text messages since I last heard from him, which means that I am walking away from the cell phone and will not hesitate to accept any enticing invitations that may be extended by any other eligible gentlemen. I have this tendency to try to be "faithful" or "monogamous" without any actual commitment, I'll focus on one person that I am interested in and hope that they are doing the same and feeling the same. I guess I'm just being silly though, so far that particular strategy has gotten me nowhere.

Miss L was sick today, some nasty stomach flu thing I guess. I've been trying to avoid the air she breathes because the last thing I want is to spend my paid holiday rolling around in bed in agony and puking. I'm off to the supermarket now to get garbage bags, popsicles, and who knows what else.


Myron Davis said...

I think what you did for valentines day was really cool.

And being committed to a person for a little while even if there is no expectation of commitment back is a good thing because you are treating them as you hope to be treated.

And that is a good thing. If you start treating other people in ways you do not want to be treated, I would think overall it won't make you feel as well.

Of course it could be I don't have a clue what I'm talking about.

Melissa Leeanne said...

I know you talk like you are clueless about all of this stuff, but you have an optimism and sincerity that is rare and I think it'll benefit you a lot more than having been there and done that.