Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Time flies when you're having fun!

Yesterday was full of ups and downs, but maybe the kind of downs that eventually lead to ups? I went to work and things were fine, I had a lunch meeting with Ms. B to brighten up my afternoon. It was a pretty bittersweet meeting though. We discussed the option of my resignation from the role of president, and while it was a bit emotional and it felt a bit like admitting defeat - I know that I'll be a lot happier without that particular stress in my life. I will still be part of the club and maybe even take on a role planning events or recruitment, but I can't dedicate the time necessary to be president and I also don't feel like it would make that much of a difference if I could, who has faith in me anymore anyway? The President Elect will be taking over early. We'll basically be moving into our new roles entirely, I believe. I will admit to crying, I will admit to being really upset, but I will also say that I was relieved. When I called Mr. G to ask if he'd be willing to step up if I stepped down, I was on the verge of tears again, but in general it is probably one of the best decisions I could have made. Yesterday wasn't all bad news though, I was offered two interviews for next week. One with the State and one with the Nature Conservancy. I am really hoping for the latter, but we'll see what happens.

After work, I chose to take the stairs, as it was a brisk day with no precipitation - those are few and far between, so I take advantage. As I was walking toward the stairs I ran into Mr. D and said hello, which led to a conversation, which led to grabbing coffee, which led to watching the film showing at the Silverbow since we just happened to still be there. The film was pretty good, not uplifting at all, as it explores the lowest tendencies of human nature, but the aesthetic of the film was nice, it was clever, and it did well in expressing those lowest tendencies. I can thank Mr. J for introducing me to Joanna Newsom, whose song was attributed to the really talented Gloria in the film. The film, if you were wondering, is The Great World of Sound. So, by this time, it was 10pm, and since I had run into Mr. D just after work, that meant that from 5:30ish until 8pm, not even realizing how much time had passed, we had been talking about all sorts of interesting things and drinking chai tea. Since we were there when the film was starting we just moved to a different table and watched the film. The film may have been a little desolate for Mr. D's taste, but over all it was a really enjoyable evening. I think that spontaneous fun like that tastes a little sweeter than something planned, just because you had no idea you'd be having fun, and perhaps, as I had, you imagine you'll be sitting at home doing nothing.

After the film I went home and expected to just hop into bed with a book or something pretty mellow, but Mr. AT, Mr. N, and Mr. L were all there with Miss L, so I joined them to chat. Mr. AT and Mr. N had built us a fire (the reason Miss L and I invite men over?) and they were debating whose fire tending methods were more effective, so I suggested we have a fire tending competition, at our house, every night. Miss L and I will come up with some sort of prize... Also, as our dear friend Mr. AT seems to be trying to set both of us up with Mr. N, whether Mr. N knows it or not, if Miss L and I were to compete, I know she would win. She'd argue otherwise because that is what good friends do, and I appreciate it, but I know better. After the men-folk left, Miss L and I had a nice discussion about attitudes in dating. Maybe it's not 100% accurate, but we were looking at it in terms of dating like women and dating like men. She was thinking that if she looked at dating like a man, she'd be totally content right now. I have tried dating "like a man" and told her that, in my experience, we women can take it for only so long... I guess we can't fight our nature?

I still find time to be such a bizarre system, completely rational, but considering how my perception of time varies so, it baffles me. Hours can pass and feel like moments, a day can pass but feel like three, and years can pass and I'll feel like some things happened just yesterday. Speaking of, I kind of wish we could just completely skip some days. If I were to choose a day to skip, it would be the 5th of March. I'd just have that day not exist. Please, someone, something; make it happen.

Tonight I'm meeting up with Miss E, Miss M, and Miss S at the Bergmann for some drinks or at least some good conversation. I had the potential for going rock climbing but I am sadly still not feeling brave enough. I do feel rather encouraged after conversing with Mr. D, however... Miss L's way of encouraging me was to just tell me how terrible some other people were rather than saying that nobody would even notice if I could only climb up half way on the easiest climb or if I fall to my death.

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