Thursday, February 21, 2008

The magic number?

The number three has consistently been a sort of OCD/lucky/magic number for me. I don't know when it started or how, but it is the most appealing number to me and it has nothing to do with the holy trinity.

Two though. Suddenly I start to feel like this number is perhaps more meaningful. With two of something you can have symmetry, you can have balance, you open up this new world of concepts. Let's not ignore the mythological significance of two, with Noah's pairs of animals. The biological significance of two arms, two legs, two lungs, two kidneys... I could go on. Here is why the number two suddenly felt significant in my life:

Second chances:
I may refer to Mr. E as an old college chum, but the reality of it is that we weren't friends in college. We weren't even really acquaintances because no matter how many times we may have crossed paths, I obviously never made an impression and when we met again in Juneau, he still didn't remember my name. To make up for it, he bought me a drink, and that night is when Mr. K told me that I always go for assholes. Mr. E and I are what you would call friends, now, but now is a second chance. He had his first chance at WU but blew it because he was probably too absorbed with his important life then. After that drink at the Alaskan, we didn't really make any effort to see each other but perhaps because we are strangely similar creatures, we found that we were more and more frequently running into each other. L.J. Orientation meeting; he was there. The places I frequent, he's there. On the second night we were in Haines, we stayed out late, later than anyone else, drinking at the second bar we went to that night. We shared stories and laughed and really enjoyed reminiscing about WU. I invited him to join the club of which I am president, and he agreed. I knew he would, because he's just like me in his need for involvement and prestige. I've found that I've been hanging out with him outside of these meetings and these events too. Last night we left the meeting and ended up staying at another bar for a few hours, chatting and drinking. Miss L keeps accusing me of making out with him, but it's completely platonic.

The two night stand:
The two night stand is what happens when you begin a physical relationship with someone you really like before you develop the rest of the relationship. It's when you get seduced and you get attached. Then you are seduced again and you think that it means that the person really likes you, but when you wait and wait for that phone to ring, when you wait to do something more meaningful, or when you wait for anything at all, you discover that you just had a two night stand. Your naivety has tricked you again and you gave a little piece of your heart to someone who only wanted your body. I hate the two night stand, but I am somewhat prone to such mistakes. I become enamored with someone and I want nothing more than to please him. I fall for it twice, thinking that we'll definitely have something meaningful, but it never comes. I think I've had four in total. Four seemingly nice guys, one obviously stupid me. Maybe I'll get my phone call, maybe I'll get my meaning, but hoping is getting harder and harder. I guess what I should probably do is stop falling for it the first time.

Couples: This one is obvious, right? When two people like or love each other, they spend time together, they get into relationships, they get married... in short, they become a couple. I can't recall if I've admitted this here, but I've never been half of a couple. 22 years old and still socially challenged. I like to joke about it, as if it were the funniest thing ever, but I'm pretty sure it's funeral laughter.*

Roommates: Currently, it is just me and Miss L. The problem with living with just one person is that there is always only one other person to blame, which sucks when one has a sort of high strung roommate. We get into arguments now like we didn't before it was just the two of us. It isn't awful, it is just difficult sometimes because everything can be taken personally and everything can be blamed on one or the other.

Two nights a week: Tuesdays and Sundays, those are the nights I take off. Any other night is game for debauchery. It wasn't really planned that way, and it doesn't always work out that way, but it happens often enough that I thought I'd throw it in here for good measure.

Okay, maybe the number two isn't that significant, or at least not any more significant to me than to anyone else, but it struck me today. Maybe I'm crazy. Probably.

Funeral Laughter: Laughter in an inappropriate situation caused by anxiety, embarrassment, or similar stressors.

In terms of the general updating, here is my life:

Tuesday I stayed in and didn't do much of anything. Watched some more Lost (it's a serious addiction) and survived the day at work. After the managing body left, I confessed my discomfort with working with someone who seemed to despise me. I talked with someone at work about it, which made me feel a little better. I haven't decided yet if I want it discussed or not. Sometimes I figure it is better to just survive it as is since actually having an open discussion could just cause drama. I kind of feel like, in another situation, this person and I would get along... but not like this. I am appreciative that the other managing body and I seem to be more compatible. She seems to be very pro-active when she has a problem with something, which is nice. I am technically not supposed to blog about my job. I do believe though, that as this blog is so vague, nobody would know where I'm talking about unless they know me well enough to know where I work, and then they probably already know how I feel. Besides, as a person spends on average eight hours a day at work, to exclude that aspect of life completely would be absurd. So there.

Wednesday was work and then the meeting. Meetings are hit or miss. Sometimes I feel like we are really productive and that everything is going well, other times I feel drained and upset. After this particular meeting I felt like I needed a drink. I also bribed Mr. E with a drink to come to the meeting, also to make up for me being a bit ridiculous on Friday night. We had a drink there and then when everyone left we went to my favorite bar where I inevitably ended up staying longer than intended, drinking slightly more than I had intended, and having a great time. Mr. E gave me a ride home afterward. He told me that it is true that nice guys finish last, implying that he himself would/tends to finish last, though I never really heard of him referred to as one of those nice guys... but like I said, second chances, he's being a nice guy right now, so I have nothing contrary to say. When I came home I was taking off my shoes in the entry way and Miss L turned on the light and then turned it immediately off, saying, "Oh sorry, you don't want that on do you!" and I asked why, and she said "aren't you making out with someone?" which made me laugh pretty hard. Nope, just taking off my shoes.

Tonight I was maybe going to go to to the bowling alley with Miss R, but I haven't heard from her, so I don't know if we'll make it. Definitely still going out later in the evening though - because open mic night and rock paper scissors call.


Myron Davis said...

I have never heard of a two night stand... that is really awful :(.

When I read that I instantly went.. ohhh... :(.

It could be the guy is too nervous to call or something, I don't know. I'm just trying to make up excuses I guess.

Mr. E. appears to be making an effort, I would have said: "Maybe you just never noticed him"; but yeah the fact that he didn't remember you name. That is a bad sign.

I can't compare everyone to myself but in my case if I remember your name that is a good sign. (I admit I don't remember everyone's name), but I do make an effort, and it doesn't even take a lot of effort to do.

If I walk past you on the street I'll certainly remember your name and say Hi. Although it does appear we go in different circles.

I'd guess he is feeling a bit on the outside now and feels you are a taste of home.

Hope you had fun at home mic night!

Melissa Leeanne said...

I personally like to be part of multiple circles, it makes life more interesting. I've got a few going right now.

As I'll probably post later, I did hear from Mr. A and received a promise that I'd hear from him tonight... we'll see.

Pretty sure that even if Mr. E is the nicest guy in the world now, which he has been lately, we'll remain platonic. That's good though - everyone needs friends.

Don't get too saddened by the two night stand, but don't fall for it either. I don't know if it happens to guys though... Also, I may have made up the phrase, hopefully not because I'm the only person who has experienced it...

You should consider hitting up some of these events... it's always entertaining. I promise.