Sunday, February 24, 2008

Le Weekend: Part Deux

Saturday turned out to be a pretty fantastic day too. Miss L and I had to do recycling, but we sorted everything before we left the house, so the actual time spent at the recycling center was minimal. We got back and I really wanted to take a nap, but there was barely enough time and I may have just made myself more tired by falling asleep for about a half hour.

I couldn't take a real nap because my club had an event! We had donated a dinner party for a foundation auction, and the deal was to be sealed and the dinner made that night. Miss J and I showed up at a few minutes after 3, before everyone else because Mr. S was running late. We managed to keep occupied catching up on stories and whatnot, so it was fine. When he arrived we helped carry things inside and the process of decorating and cooking began. Long story short; I was there from around 3 until after 9, basically a full 6 hours of socializing with the club members present, cooking, decorating, hiding behind a refrigerator, sneaking out into the back alley for a potentially deadly break, and clean up efforts. It was pretty fun. I told Miss J about my book thing that I described, she says she does it too. She also made me laugh a bit when she exclaimed that she couldn't believe that I had gone on a date (I guess she didn't hear about the other two or three) with Mr. S. I can see why she'd be in shock over the matter because I don't understand it either. He seems so old. I mean, he's only 6 years older than I am, but he behave like he's a lot older, dresses like he's older, and then there is the fact that we have basically nothing in common. I started laughing when she brought the matter up and was pretty glad that things didn't go any further than they had. I think he was trying to flirt with me, he sometimes still does that, but I just act oblivious and hope that the fact that anything ever happened remains a lesser known secret.

After that, I dropped off Miss J and went home, discovering that I had a text message from Mr. PH and a missed call from Mr. K. I responded to Mr. PH and called to make plans with Mr. K. Mr. K and I sat around at my house drinking and talking about two thirds of the three things you don't talk about at dinner: Sex, Religion, and Politics. We talked there for probably an hour and a half to two hours before we decided to head downtown. Then we went to the Alaskan since Miss R was working and we sat around with some drinks and had a highly inappropriate conversation, complete with lewd gestures. It was highly entertaining and I would have laughed hysterically had anyone paid any attention at all to our conversation. I saw Mr. C, there with his theatre troupe and Mr. PH showed up there as well. Mr. C was hanging out with the girl who seemed to despise me for no good reason, unless of course she is secretly in love with Mr. C and despises me for having been involved with him. Mr. K commented later that Mr. PH seemed really into me, so I had to explain our history, which led to plenty of teasing. We hit up a couple other bars; The Rendezvous, The Imperial, and even the Viking. In the Viking I ran into Mr. AT and Mr. N, both of whom were terribly drunk. Mr. AT, who had tried to convince me that Mr. N and I were perfect for each other the day before, literally tried to push us together at this juncture and then excused himself to go puke. The lights came on to signify last call and start the rush to get cabs, so Mr. K and I headed out to grab a cab and went home.

Today, I had meant to get up early to go hiking, but I think that the night out took its toll and here I am at home, typing this instead of appreciating Juneau's majesty. I may head out to a bonfire with Mr. K tonight, another adventure, right?

Mr. K calls Miss L my bosom buddy and Mr. N asked me where she was last night. More and more frequently I don't know the answer. I think it is a good thing though, living together, we could spend all of our time together, but it is healthier for us to have separate lives too. I think it is helping to keep us sane. We also have a few people vying for the honor of being our third housemate. Who knows.

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Molly said...

So I just read a bunch to catch up and let me say I am extremely pleased at your Lost addiction.