Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm in a hurry!

There's some vandalism on the side of a building on Seward that says "D****** H**** has the HURRIES" which is possibly one of the funniest things EVER. I don't really know if it is meant to mean what I think it means, but either way - really stupid graffiti sometimes amuses me.

But really, I'm in a hurry! If I have to walk to my meeting tonight - which I likely will - I'll want to leave a bit earlier than I tend to, just to prove that I can be on time. I kind of want to make something to eat, but my roommate has chosen right now to clean the kitchen, so it makes things a little crowded.

I have a meeting tonight for my club - I've convinced Mr. E to come. I am assuming I'll stay out until the wee hours again, since it is also another club meeting. Hmmm. I did stay out last night as well since it was SUPER FAT TUESDAY (Caucusing AND beads in one night). I hit a pinata, something I hadn't done in ages, and I became a delegate for Obama. That means I'll be heading to Palmer in May to represent Juneau's 3rd District!

I haven't had any dates or anything - I've instead been involved in a number of games of phone tag. Whether it is necessary or not, I am feeling less giddy about Mr. A, just because we haven't managed to see each other since. The 1.5 day turn-around for the call was encouraging, but not having any solid plans is not.

I've been hanging out with Miss E a lot - we ran into each other one day at lunch, discovered that we have the same lunch break, and made it a point to go out together the next day.

I am poor as poor can be right now - I managed to come up with a band-aid-esque solution for the matter, but it looks like I cannot afford my rock'n'roll lifestyle (or heating).

My manager has moved on, leaving me and my co-workers with various proxies, though so far only the VP Ops who is not exactly as saccharine sweet as my manager was. Though it wasn't necessarily her fault, I nearly cried when she criticized me within the first hour of being at work on Monday. I managed to hold back and I have tried to behave a little better, but when I think on it - I really despise that I am held to a higher standard and have more responsibilities when I only got a $0.60 raise and so what if I'm intelligent!?!?! Though it was an ego stroke to hear that I was "one of the smartest people" working at my place of employment, it sucked to realize that it was being held against me. Someone less intelligent could get away with doing the same thing or worse simply because they aren't as intelligent. I should have played dumb! Also - I was told that if I hadn't wanted the responsibility or to be held to a higher standard, I shouldn't have moved up - but in my recollection, they needed me to move up because they needed SOMEONE to take on those responsibilities...

Anyway, better go have a bite to eat before I go to my meeting(s)!


Myron Davis said...

Having just gotten back from a long walk outside, just an FYI it is a tad chilly out there.

I recommend wearing a coat!

One thing I can say... there are a lot worse things than being criticized for being intelligent.

I'd like to think I helped you get to Palmer this May being that I voted for Obama :).

Teriana said...

"The Hurries"? What could that mean? The runs?

Melissa Leeanne said...

I always imagined it meant herpes... but I suppose she could have diarrhea too. I should ask.

Teriana said...

You should write it on the wall underneath. "Does this mean you need Imodium or Valtrex? Let me know 'cause I'm going to the store later."