Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'd by no means call it a loss:

This was a good weekend! Not everything worked out as planned, but perhaps things worked out BETTER than planned.

Friday night I went out to the bars as usual, and as usual I walked back and forth between my top two, looking for the greenest pastures. I even set foot in the Imperial briefly, but I didn't venture very far in, once I found Miss S I talked with her and then we headed back to the usual mutual hangout. Bluegrass 101 was playing (now with a new name) but I didn't spend as much time there as I usually would have because in some bizarre phenomenon I didn't know everyone in the bar. I ran into Mr. PH at one of the bars - I thought he had skipped town since I hadn't heard from him in so long. I talked with him a little, then endured a slightly awkward moment when Mr. C decided to give me the most prolonged goodbye hug ever with a compliment attached. I didn't let him charm me though... Miss P showed up at some point and we discovered that neither of us were drinking, so we decided to take our sober party on the road back to listen to some bluegrass and catch up on life. I think the best thing that happened Friday night was making a date with Miss P to be my valentine. I'm always bitter on V-day because I'm always single, and as Miss P is also now single, I decided we should go out and have a good time as many couples would. Miss P and I also stopped by Miss T's birthday party, which had a dinosaur theme, and we sang along with some 90's hits to the strumming of several gentlemen in attendance. I called the night quits at around 3am and went to bed.

Saturday was half productive and half the opposite of productive. I did something stupid and started watching Lost on but I also cleaned my room. the kitchen, and the bathroom. I was pretty excited for my movie night with Mr. J, and as my roommate had speculated that she may have been having a movie night as well, I had to clean my room just in case we had to take it to the bed (scandal!). I picked up Lola Rennt (though I've seen it at least twice) and went to the Alaskan to meet Mr. J. He wasn't there. I sat around and had a coffee with Bailey's while I half waited and half told myself "I told you so" regarding Mr. J's flakiness. Lucky for me, I know the bartender and tonight I also knew a good number of the patrons. I stayed there the whole night, enjoying the music, hanging out with Miss B and her friend Mr. AK (named for the large tattoo of Alaska on his torso), Miss PP and her fiance whom I had met at the caucus, Miss L and her "legie" friends, and of course Miss E and Mr. JG, and Mr. K. Since Mr. J had failed to show up to our commitment, I was a little disheartened, but I had spent a bit of my time thinking of someone else lately, so I decided to find out where he would be. Mr. A had a radio show and encouraged me to listen, but I responded that I was out listening to Bluegrass. He and Mr. AH showed up at the bar after their show and I joined them for some conversation and later a movie. We watched Death Proof (part of the Grindhouse features) which I hadn't seen before. I think I may still be partial to Planet Terror, but both are pretty awesome and there are a lot of parallels which would be much more apparent watching them back to back as intended.

I dawdled a bit this morning, to the point that I was suddenly in a rush to get ready for work. I actually showed up a few minutes late, but I did show up. It was a fairly slow day, but really pretty decent for a Sunday. Once I got off work (a few minutes late because I had some latecomers who I wasn't about to kick out), I started walking home and I ran into Mr. A. I stopped and talked with him and during our conversation we were interrupted by a homeless man asking for money. Mr. A gave him some change which was a decent gesture, but then he asked the guy a lot of questions about where he was living and how he was doing, gave him some duct tape, and offered to bring some other miscellaneous items which could be helpful for his camp the next day. I stood there, feeling kind of terrible for not even donating some change (I only had a few small coins, but still) but mostly feeling really happy that Mr. A seems to be such a genuinely good guy. When we parted ways moments later he expressed that he'd like to see me again soon and seemed really sincere, which put me in a pretty good mood.

The disappointments this weekend? Getting stood up and not getting to see Wearable Art!
The highlights of the weekend? EVERYTHING ELSE, especially having Miss P as my valentine and Mr. A seeming to be a really great guy.


Myron Davis said...

Mr. J. stood you up? Whats up with that? Maybe his phone died and his legs caught cut off so he couldn't make it or let you know....

Sounds as if you had a good weekend nevertheless which is good that you made omelette's from broken eggs!

Now here is a question for you, when a guy stands you up are you less likely to accept plans from him in the future? Or do you just forgive everything and give him another chance to bail?

Melissa Leeanne said...

When someone stands me up, I am less likely to make/accept plans in the future. Sometimes I'll give people a few chances, sometimes one is it. It depends on my analysis of his.her character. I didn't expect all that much from Mr. J to begin with, as he tends to be a bit flaky.