Sunday, February 3, 2008

A classy affair and its less classy effects

Miss R, Mr. K, Miss E, and Mr. J tend to have some classy events at their place, always with a good crowd of people. In preparation for said classy event, Miss E and I went to Fred Meyer to buy some wine, cheese, and other classy foods. I picked out the cheese first, I chose some cheeses with fruit in them, lemon and blueberry. I then decided that I should get some fruit and go with a dessert wine. I picked up some pears, apples, and nectarines and an "auslese" Riesling - made from grapes past the normal harvest. It was a really sweet wine, which in the wrong context would be terrible (I'm more of a red girl) but with the cheeses and fruit, it was perfect and scored pretty well when it was paired properly by the taster - after a bit I started harassing people into pairing it properly. There were a number of wines, some great, one Boone's Farm, and there were cheeses ranging from the bizarre (and mold covered) to Kraft Singles. If you hadn't made the connection already, the Boone's Farm and the Singles went together.

I was there early, as Miss E and I were getting ready together. I wore her clothes, and she wore something of mine. We have really different figures but we can still wear a lot of the same clothing. We went upstairs and waited around for a long time on the wine, eventually giving in and opening a bottle or two and eating from the platters. We were about six or eight and decided it was silly to wait until everyone arrived to begin. Mr. I, a gent I have met a number of times but didn't know all that well, was rather drunk and absolutely hilarious that night. I had had a discussion with Mr. K recently and had in this conversation given him permission to "cock block" if the need were to arise. I told him that he had my permission to decide if I was hanging out with an asshole (as he claims I often do, and it would appear to be true), and to save me. Mr. I heard us talk about this role of his in my life and offered himself as well. I told him he could be my body guard, but as we didn't know each other that well, I wasn't really sure if he would know who to allow or not. He decided that he could prove to me that he could make the right decision and that meant pointing out nice guys, going from bodyguard to matchmaker. I wasn't taking him very seriously but in the end he turned out to be very apt.

As more guests started to arrive, he pointed out one of them, and said, "How about Mr. A, have you met Mr. A yet?" and I told him repeatedly that it wasn't his job to be a matchmaker and that I'd meet Mr. A when I met him. Amusingly enough, through out the evening, Mr. I would continue to jokingly say, "Have you met my friend, Mr. A?" and he even took to informing me that Mr. A was apparently checking me out. Eventually Mr. A and I did become acquainted, and I found that I enjoyed his company. I spent a good deal of the night with Mr. M and Miss A, speaking some German or just having lighthearted conversation. At some point Mr. I passed on his torch to Miss A, who was meant to look after me and make sure that I only assort with non-assholes. When Miss A and Mr. M left eventually, she told me that she wasn't sure about Mr. A's worthiness because of his age. I didn't let it phase me, personally, but at the same time having all of these opinions about him seemed a bit silly since I hadn't even been after him to begin with.

Eventually people began to leave and a big group of us got a cab to my favorite bar for the Ground Hog's Day party. It had already cleared out a bit and Mr. M and Mr. J were nowhere to be found, possibly a blessing. I found Mr. I again and he said something one more time, and I in turn encouraged him to go for the girl he liked. I did end up hanging out with Mr. A for the rest of the night, sitting at the bar and drinking a G&T and wearing his jacket when we went outside to smoke (a terrible, terrible thing I sometimes do when I drink), and then to my second favorite bar, where Mr. C may have witnessed me hanging out with a fellow that was not himself - probably realizing that he should have behaved himself had he wanted to maintain what semblance of a relationship we had.

Throughout the night there was wine and cheese tasting, silliness, good friends, new friends, some dancing, and maybe a bit of scandal. To me, that's a fun time.

I may be slightly enamored with Mr. A, who has many of the qualities I find very attractive, from actual physical appearance to being very intelligent and well educated, funny, politically active, etc. I am trying to maintain a little emotional distance (all part of the game) so that I don't start acting like a bumbling idiot or a giddy schoolgirl - both rather unattractive archetypes.

I had a diversity workshop on Saturday - I was really tired, and we were all invited to express how we were feeling at the beginning of the workshop. Most people used this as an opportunity to give an excuse for being tired, an instant out if the speaker happened to be boring and happened to cause people to doze off. People had loads of excuses, but I didn't list mine, because in a professional setting, the last thing I want to admit is that I may fall asleep because I was out all night partying. I may have looked the part though, because I got ready in about 10 minutes. The diversity workshop was great though - I think it was a good way to start the seminars for the leadership program.

I stayed in Saturday, giving up my Hot Salsa, Cool Ballroom ticket to a friend of Miss L's. I think it would have been fun to go, but I was far too tired. Now I have to get ready to go to work! I've been up for hours but I have been thoroughly unproductive. I can boast of taking a long, hot, leisurely shower, drinking some cranberry juice, and now blogging. Better go fix the hair and get dressed now!

I may not actually end up staying at work today, if things look slow, thanks to the weather and the Super Bowl, we may close up early or not even open.

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Myron Davis said...

It seems that you have quite a gaggle of guys who want to be the "Knight in shining armor/bodyguard" for you.

How much older is Mr. A.?