Friday, February 1, 2008

Champions of the Heart

Things are starting to look up. A little.

My week started off pretty rough, as you may have read. While things haven't been all sunshine and rainbows, things have been a little better since Wednesday evening.

Wednesday evening I went to a party associated with the club over which I currently preside. It was mostly just our group, but it was a nice setting, considering it had nothing to do with business and there were three words we couldn't say (one of which was the name of our
group). I managed to coerce Mr. E to come to the event, though he came a bit later in the event which turned out to be rather short lived. After the party I went home and ran into Miss L, who convinced me to go to B.C. at my favorite bar. We went to that and I started drinking hot totties without the whiskey (hot water with lemon and honey) while chatting with some people, though strangely the usual posse was mostly not there. I went home and went to bed then. Exciting, I know.

Thursday still had its low points, like Wednesday, all work related. After work (we were late getting out) I went and got my hair cut by Miss C for the last time EVER because she is moving across the country. She always does a great job, and nothing makes me happier than a lovely new haircut. I was feeling pretty damn cute so when I went home I told Miss L that I'd be going out that night, probably to my top two. I went to my absolute favorite first and drank my virgin
hot totties again while I chatted with Mr. J and Mr. M, whom I hadn't seen in too long. I am having a hard time with juggling those two, because I adore both of them for completely different reasons and we interact in completely different ways but they are really good friends and hanging out with both of them together is a little difficult in some senses. Mr. J and I will likely be having an 'adventure' one of these days coming up, and I know I'll see them both tonight at the Ground Hog's Day party. Once those two left I decided to check out my second favorite to see if people had arrived for the ultimate competition. I hadn't intended to get involved, citing my bad luck as a logical reason, but I was coerced into it by Miss R. I ended up making it to the semi-finals in this first night of competition, and now I feel pretty obligated to attend EVERY event for a chance to win some tickets out of here. I played Mr. M first and won. Then I played someone I didn't know and won. Then I played Miss H and won... but I lost to Miss K. It wasn't a sore loss though, the "crew" was happy to see one of our own advance to the finals. Unfortunately some drunk outsider intimidated Miss K in the last round and left with a spot in the final championship in March. As I was planning to leave, Mr. C (who had reconsidered) was being quite friendly and wanted to hang out, but then he called and cancelled, and then he texted an hour later asking if I was asleep. I was still awake but I did not respond because this treatment is not okay. I deserve better and I can do better than this. I can't decide yet if we need to talk about it or if I just need to swear him off entirely. I'm pretty sure that the latter is the correct answer, but I'm way too nice and I may end up talking it out. Lucky me, I have the Ground Hog's Day party and better company to look forward to!

Today is going slowly so far - I really hope it starts moving already! I am over it already, I want to go to the wine and cheese party at the household of Misses R and E and Misters K and J. I want to primp and look super hot. I want to go to the party after. I want things to be fantastic! And they will be. I know this weekend is going to be good. Tomorrow I have more leadership training and then on Sunday work. This is why I cannot have an adventure with Mr. J sooner -
being this busy all the time is both a blessing and a curse. I got so involved so that I wouldn't have to worry about being alone and bored, but now that I have a real social life some of the time, I find that I have less time than I'd like for these more spontaneous activities when they arise. Alas, it is not human nature to be satisfied.

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Myron Davis said...

Glad things are looking better.

Mr. C. by the way is MUCH TOO INDECISIVE. Just my opinion from what I you wrote. I'm not saying that you should handle indecisiveness the same way I do; but I just retreat from it. It sucks being around someone which you can't depend on. (just my opinion).

As far as haircuts; I've never been happy with anyone in town to cut hair... I dunno it just feels like it gets butchered. I always end up flying out and getting it done elsewhere.

I hope the party went well and your leadership training! :)

Thanks for writing yet another interesting blog for me to read. (although I doubt you are writing it for me!)