Monday, February 18, 2008

The beauty of irony is overshadowed by my hatred of writing cover letters:

Today is a paid holiday. I got paid to sleep until 11:30 and then spend the rest of my day finding a job to replace my current job and to write cover letters and update my resume. I think that qualifies as irony, the really lovely sort, but I can't appreciate it that much because I absolutely hate writing cover letters and choosing jobs for which I am "qualified," especially since I only seem to have any semblance of a chance with jobs for which I am highly over-qualified. Damn the man. Damn the uselessness of college degrees without years of experience. Damn my degree which has not practical application without an added degree or two.

Yesterday I looked into getting a masters degree in Public Administration through the University here. It seems fairly affordable AND it is designed to be achieved while working full time. It would really help me with that whole "practical skills" thing. It program isn't as impressive and the university isn't as prestigious, but it is practical - something which could benefit me greatly.

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