Saturday, February 23, 2008

Adventure Time!

Living in Alaska, in general, is kind of an adventure. Sometimes it is a really dull and ordinary adventure, working 8 hours a day at a job that bores me and all, but other times, I feel terribly alive.

Friday was the proposed adventure day for Miss P and me. She came over and we ran some errands and did some menial things, but then we had an adventure. We started out by walking to the Wharf to have a small dinner and while at dinner, the future adventures started to form. We decided that we'd get an "adventure size" bottle of tequila, a lime, and go out on the dock to drink. We managed to drink the entire pint and eat the entire lime while we sat on the dock, staring at the colorful reflection of lights on the black water, and the barely illuminated mountains, and the stars. We also talked a bunch and laughed a bunch.

After we had finished our bottle and our train of thought, we headed toward the bars. We went to the Alaskan for a couple minutes, where I saw Mr. AK and heard that he had gotten himself kicked out of the Bergman, which both baffled and amused me to the point of wanting to stop by. Something about pouring out some of his beer for fallen soldiers (he's former military). We went there and didn't even make it inside because we ran into Mr. AT and Mr. N who were heading to the bonfire Miss L was going to be at. Miss P and I decided we could change our plans (for an ADVENTURE!) and joined Mr. AT on his way to the bonfire. Mr. N was headed downtown to find some girl. Mr. AT tried to convince me that Mr. N and I would get along wonderfully (hint hint) which I thought was rather hilarious since Mr. AT and I barely know each other. He's my new German speaking buddy, whom I may have mentioned previously. We went to the bonfire and we basically just spoke German the entire time. I figured out that I know his brother, they are pretty different, despite similarities in appearance I was more ready to believe them cousins. The bonfire was fun, we drank some beer and I talked with the Elliot Smith singing Ultimate Frisbee player I met at open mic night for a bit as well.

Having enjoyed some time at the bonfire, we decided we should head back downtown and hit the bars. We went to the Imperial, where I pretty rarely go, but I was in the right mood for it thanks to Jose Cuervo. Miss P and I were hanging out with some of her friends, one of whom intrigues me a bit for some reason. He's good friends with a co-worker of mine and I told him about the rejected nickname I had come up with. If I recall correctly (which I may not) he said he'd use it. I ran into Miss L once inside and she told me that Mr. A was at the Alaskan. Silly as it may seem, even though he hadn't called as he said he would, I went over there and talked with him. Once again he was making conversation with people I'd never meet because of his intense curiosity and interest in all people. The bartender on duty was one of my favorites and I decided to buy a drink from him because I hadn't in ages and he teases me about my water drinking. I think it was a combination of gratitude for the chocolates on V-day and awe that I was actually going to buy a drink, but he told me that he would buy a drink for me, and gave me a tequila sunrise. Went back to the imperial once I had finished that drink and I danced some, but then I did get a phone call from Mr. A wondering where I had disappeared. I went back to his place and at some point tried to lead up to the ultimatum.

The ultimatum: If we aren't going to actually date, even casually, then we aren't going to exist anymore.

I didn't say that. I asked when we were going to hang out in a setting more conducive to conversation, basically. He, to my annoyance, started mumbling about work and grant writing and being so busy. I stared him down, knowing that what I was asking wasn't much, and he said he was going to be out of town for a week but when he's back he'll call me. That was the result of my attempt to make this something worth my time.

You may wonder why I even bother with someone who isn't immediately head over heels wanting to spend all the free time they can with me, and I'll say that I have logical reasons. One of them is that I'm not looking for a truly serious relationship, I'm not interested in someone on the marriage track, I just want to be with someone because that companionship is amazing. Also, he's a super cool guy.

Judging a book by its cover? Me? I judge a man by his books:
He's always got books lying around, I like to pick them up and read the back cover or at least check out the subject matter. First good sign is that there are books, second good sign is that they are really interesting books. He had things ranging from an anthropological study on an Eskimo tribe to a book on European History to some fiction by Chuck Pahlaniuk (Oregonians support Oregonians). I don't know if I could date the type of guy who doesn't read interesting books and I know I couldn't date a guy who doesn't read at all. Because I judge based on this criterion, I make sure that I've got at least one of my books lying around too, just so someone has the option to judge me in the same way. I know that I'll pass the test. Recently lying out: The End of the Affair by Graham Greene, The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, and a book called Band Box which I haven't started yet, but it's about the roaring 20's. I also read the Great Gatsby for the first time recently, I can't believe I never ended up reading it in high school like most other students did. I always chose the more obscure stuff... How did I become so pretentious?

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Myron Davis said...

Judging a person by his books...

I have a huge amount of science fiction novels...

What does that mean?

I think Mr. AT and you will continue to get along very well.

If he (Mr. AT) is "helping" (I use that word loosely) with Mr. N I think that you have the budding of a possible good friendship!