Tuesday, January 29, 2008

UNrejection, plus some more rejection, for a significantly lame start to my week:

So, I pouted most of last night, until my roommate and I decided to clean up the kitchen and then have happy-fun-bonding time. I went to bed and crashed pretty early on, which is good. At apparently 12:30, I received a call from Mr. C, saying he had reconsidered what he said. Our "relationship" is still narrowly defined, but apparently he thinks he was silly to end it. I was rather incoherent and have no idea what my response to that was.

I went to work this morning and was asking the HR Gen. all sorts of questions about what would happen to my 401k and my benefits, etc, if I were to leave (get this awesome job I've been so obsessed with) and during this conversation I checked my personal e-mail and discovered that... I did not get the job. Not getting the job has kind of broken my heart. My idealism! My Naivety! My optimism! SHATTERED. Now I have no good reason to quit my current job until the end of March, no higher wages, no travel to Asia, and no awesome benefits. I also have to go through all the trouble of writing another dozen cover letters and new objective statements and I have to go through more interviews (if I get that far) and I'm sad.

Work today was busy. Really busy. And not only that, people were a huge pain in the ass. I was happy to finally shut the doors - trust me. I did get out on time, and I decided that on a day like this I should not sit around at home and mope. Generally Tuesdays are my super boring nights, but I decided I would call really nice guy - not to fix my computer - but to hang out. Super nice guy is going to be hanging out with his girlfriend and her friends tonight. I guess it makes sense that nice guys should have girlfriends. It made me feel kind of awkward, even though I hadn't had any real intentions.

After that, I decided I'd make one more call. I called Mr. M who seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth, hoping maybe that he is just being reserved and that he doesn't think I'm a freak or something. I guess I'll find out when he calls me back. If he calls me back.

I'm breaking the rules of the game again. I shouldn't call, I should wait for guys to call me. Don't guys hate these rules as much as girls do? Do other people hate dating as much as I do or am I just weird? I would be really surprised if I were weird in this situation.

The Rules of "The Game":
1. Don't be available (except maybe once a week - your choice)
2. Don't call him, let him call you
3. Don't act as though you like him, especially if you do
4. Don't give up too much too soon
5. Don't do nice things for him and spoil him
6. Don't always answer when he calls and don't tell him why
7. Do stomp on his balls

Okay - that last one is a lie, but it was totally believable, right? The rules suck. These are the kinds of rules you find in self help books for women who date assholes or can't figure out dating at all. I've never bought myself a self help book, but my roommate has given me two. It's not a subtle hint.

What are the rules for guys?


Myron Davis said...

I'm not sure if I should be giving advice on subject I know nothing about but here is a list:

1. Mr. C. needs to stop being wishywashy... which he seems that he is. Get it together man... make up your mind and stick with it! (I'm not so sure how much be scolding is going to do since I doubt he reads this BUT...)

2. I'm so sorry about you not getting your new job :(. That totally sucks.. but all is not lost! This could be a opening to something new and exciting which you don't know anything about yet! (okay I'm reaching here I know).

3. I guess Mr. Nice Guy really is just that... Mr. Nice Guy...

4. When I like a girl you know what I do? I generally just don't call because I don't know when I'm supposed to be calling anyway and I'm uber afraid of being pushy, I wish the girl just called. Like last Saturday I called at the last minute someone (as a friend) letting them know I was going to that dance. They got back to me later because of missed phone call saying yes they wanted to go, and they wanted to ask me as well but were not sure about the etiquette of them calling me (because she was a girl), so she just sat home doing nothing while wanting to go.

I'm so confused on what people "should" and "should not do", perhaps we all need that gun from Hitch Hiker's guild to the galaxy, the "Point of View" gun. Where if you fire it the other person will just see your point of view.

Kevin (a friend of mine in the past) told me his rules were:
"Don't call the girl",
"Always be busy",
"treat them terrible",
"be nice sometimes just enough to let them know you CAN be nice" ,
"make them jealous by going out with their friends and not including them",
always be non-chalant and never tell anyone you like them (unless you have too).

Anyway... those were his rules but I thought they sucked. But he had no lack of girls who completely fell for him... over and over and over again, so he must have been doing something right.

Melissa Leeanne said...

So - we have basically the same rules. That means that dating is a miserable and torturous experience. Sounds great.

Thanks for the sympathy and such - exactly what a person needs in this situation! That and a nap, which I just took.

As far as me calling goes - so far no good - but I'll have hope. Maybe.

Myron Davis said...

That is correct... a miserable torturous experience mainly brought on by if you are ever honest or genuine you will immediately get shot down. :P.

I guess it has something to do with if you don't have to chase after it... it obviously must not be worth anything.

Whatever I don't know...