Monday, January 28, 2008

Rejection = Opposite of Fun

Last night I stayed up too late for no good reason, leaving me tired this morning and not altogether thrilled with having to go to work. I arrived almost 15 minutes late due to the treacherous nature of the walk and I really didn't care that I was late. Things were going fine until lunch however. At lunch I had no book and had to find some other way to amuse myself. I decided to text Mr. C and ask if he wanted to hang out. His response totally ruined my day because it defined our relationship in very narrow terms and it also kind of ended it. I won't get into details on the matter, but it turns out that he is pretty indifferent about me at this point and that I should 'say hi' if I see him, but that's about it. I probably shouldn't be upset by this, since we weren't dating or anything, but I got a little attached and now I have to deal with the equivalent of a break-up in the realm of what my former roommate Mr. D would call "Um-Friends." I also checked to see if there were still tickets for the Moscow Circus which I wanted to go to with my friend Miss B, but they are sold out! Apparently one can choose to wait in line to see if they'll get seated, but if that means waiting outside, I don't know if I'm hardcore enough. That's right, in my one hour lunch break I had the equivalent of a minor break-up and found out that I probably won't be going to the circus either! My mood for the rest of the day has been a bit morose.

I guess the only good part was getting an e-mail from the really nice guy detailing his available time and wanting to make some solid plans. I should do that this week, because it could be just the kind of thing I need.

Usually this is full of what I do and what I see, but perhaps I'll get a little deeper this time:

"The Game" as dating is called, sucks. I really despise dating because I apparently do it all wrong and I even get dumped by people I'm not really dating. I think that the way one is supposed to behave in dating is rather counter-intuitive. The point of dating, I think, is to find someone you are compatible with, someone you like to be around, and to build up to a relationship so you can spend more time with that person. How one is actually supposed to build up to that though, according to some sources, is to pretend like you aren't interested at all and to make people wait around, etc. I find it all to be frustrating and silly and I'd kind of like someone to just say, "I like you" and be able to reply similarly.

I guess though, when that has happened, I've been uninterested.

In short: Dating sucks. I suck. And I should stop blogging since I sound sort of pathetic.

I'll be back when I have something less depressing to say.

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Myron Davis said...

I'm sorry about your day. Yeah it does suck to be rejected. I guess that is what happens sometimes when you put yourself out.

If a guy details his schedule ahead of time and sends it to let you know... I believe that means he is totally in to you and really wants to do something with you.

I've done that to people before and if you blow him off (if he is like me) he'll retreat and possibly close you off. (unless he just loves being rejected in which case he'll continue :P).

I don't think you should stop blogging about "The Game". It is interesting... at least I think it is. Especially today when it is SOO cold outside.