Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oh, the troubles I've seen. And caused.

My life tends to be a decent balance of great and, well, terrible ideas, actions, and consequences. I like to think that it may be a little more positive than negative but some weekends leave me wondering.

Friday was a happy and lovely day for me, I don't know why. I was feeling pretty happy and I was quite cheerful all day. Work was work, and I am really aching to move on. I did get a nice offer from a nice guy to look into my computer troubles. He always seems to be making these shy attempts at flirting, so after I did the "Oh, you really don't have to" line and he did the nice, "but I offered" line, I offered to buy him lunch in return. He seems like a super nice guy, so it should be pleasant if it comes to fruition.

After work I went home and relaxed for a little while before going to the benefit. The benefit was wonderful - there were tons of people and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time. Mr. BB was the host and he is such a character. He is also EVERYWHERE! I have seen him in plays, he works at least a couple jobs, and I have seen him out and about having fun now and then as well. I just have to assume he doesn't sleep. I really enjoyed talking with Mrs. S at the benefit - I've really enjoyed talking with her in the past months, and even more so in this last month. Initially I was following Miss B around, as she was one of two people I really knew there, but eventually I started seeing other people I knew as well. I spent a good bit of time sitting with Hot Lawyer and his Beautiful Girlfriend who also went to law school. She's definitely one of those people with whom a girl like me could never even hope to compete, so the best thing to do is just be friends with a person with so many great qualities. I was really enjoying hanging out with Mr. HL and Miss BG until Mr. S started hanging around me. There's nothing really wrong with Mr. S. I'm just annoyed that he chooses to hang around when it is convenient for him and that he never put in any effort at all during our brief attempt at dating. I rather purposefully try to avoid spending time with him now, lest he try to pull me back in to that quasi-dating state with his never calling and pretending like we've never spoken intimately in our lives. I'll admit that I didn't run around telling everyone in the world that we were involved either - and thank goodness for that because it was so short lived! I helped Mrs. S with some cleaning up and then left the benefit for some of the usual haunts.

I went to my favorite hot spot and ran into Miss R and Mr. K along with some friends of Miss R. I ran with that crowd for a while, until going to my next favorite hot spot where I found Miss E and Mr. J as well as Mr. C (which comes as no surprise). The crowd waxed and waned, so I attempted to head back to the fave as well as forcing myself to go into the Imperial - one of my least favorites of late. I used to really enjoy going there to dance, but I just can't seem to bear the loud terrible music and the crowds. During my very brief time at the Imperial, Miss B and I had to try to pry some drunk redneck away from Mr. C. Things were getting very confrontational - something about drunk redneck spitting on Mr. C's back... Miss B and I stepped in between and she called over one of the bouncers. Once I was satisfied that Mr. C wouldn't be murdered by a drunk redneck I tried going back to hot spot #2 only to find it empty. Miss A got a somewhat delayed message detailing the then impending assault and ran over to the Imperial. I walked back over as well and pointed out to Mr. Barfly (he has earned this name for being out everywhere I ever am - this of course says something about me as well) that the drunk redneck was outside with the exiled smokers yelling at the window - this guy was belligerent and obviously just looking for a fight! I went in and said goodbye to Mr. C, maybe hoping he'd want to hang out with me more, and then I walked home. I don't know what befell me that night to make me not enjoy being out and about, but I just had to hope it would go away.

Saturday I accidentally went into work both an hour early and of course the wrong day. There was a misunderstanding. When there was nobody there to let me in, I went to Heritage for some coffee and then wandered back again. I started negotiating with the nail place to get a manicure, and ended up talking with Miss H and working for a few hours so she could get a manicure and then getting one myself. I went and talked with Miss H for another hour after that waiting for my nails to dry completely, then went home and watched Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei or The Edukators, a really fantastic movie with my German celeb crush Daniel Brühl and Julia Jentsch who played Sophie Scholl in the movie of that title about die Wiesse Rose (the resistance group on which I wrote my senior thesis). I braved the weather once again that day to walk to Silverbow for the winter JUMP Film Festival and was really pleased with it. I sat with Miss L and Mr. C and had a chat with Mr. E shortly as well. After that I nearly froze to death walking to the favorite hot spot again so I ordered a whiskey based cocktail in an attempt to warm me up. Mr. M seems to have dropped off the face of the earth and Mr. J is never predictable. I ended up chatting with Mr. JB, some random strangers, and whoever else seemed interesting until Miss E arrived. She and I chatted for a bit until I fell into conversation with a Mr. P with whom I am acquainted. I ended up talking with him for a much longer period of time than I had anticipated, which secretly made me happy for reasons that had nothing to do with him. Terrible, I know, but Mr. S had shown up again and I was happy to be engaged in conversation with someone else if only to prove that I am a very desirable companion, so it's his loss. I missed hanging out more with Mr. C, but I am sure that we'll cross paths again, intentionally or otherwise. We've always had terrible timing so why should things have changed?

Today I am feeling rather terrible - combination of the lurking cold symptoms, being up too late, constantly freezing and thawing in this awful weather, and whiskey I'm sure. I've decided to stay in - having left a message at my place of employment, canceling the day I was actually supposed to work so that I can lie in bed and hate myself for a while. I will probably try to go back to sleep in a bit since my lovely roommate has stopped blasting music. Really though - even though it was one of my favorite bands (Spoon) I was horribly annoyed by having it played at top volume while I was still in bed. I should probably say something, but knowing me, I probably won't.

I'm trying to help an old college friend find a job up here in Juneau. He sent me an e-mail after not having really been in close contact in a couple years, telling me he was interested in Juneau and asking some questions. I have many fond memories of sitting in his room my freshman year and dubbing things virtues or just pondering a number of silly things (all sort of inside jokes). I am pretty sure he'll think I'm silly if I bring back that old habit, but I might do it if he moves here.


Myron Davis said...

Fascinating insight as usual.

Stay warm, it is freezing outside... as I was out there not too long ago and I got chilly. Today is a good day to take off I think.

remember: super nice guy he may be... but maybe you should test him first on his computer skills before you let him work on your computer problems... :P.

Melissa Leeanne said...

Computers = his job. I wouldn't trust just anyone. Last time I trusted a math and philosophy major and things were all downhill despite a reasonable background in computer science.