Monday, January 14, 2008

Maybe this will jinx me, but I'll risk it:

I have a job interview tomorrow. I already have a job, but I'm pretty much over it. I have this faint yet nagging feeling of loyalty in every job but I have to learn to get over it. Should I be loyal toward a company which has offered me little room to move up and only mediocre pay and benefits? Or should I be loyal to myself? My ambition? My future? I guess the answer is pretty easy.

I think Mr. W said it best when he said, "Oh, that's a grown-up job!" This job shares a word with my major (gasp) which means that it is in some way relevant. Perhaps it will be mostly office work and will have nothing to do with European politics or history, but the major and the job title share a word. This makes it seem thrilling beyond belief. Another thing - the title is sort of long and rather important sounding. Those are always good. It's one word longer than my current title and a lot more substantial. The words mean something, my current job title is a load of fluff to make people take a teller seriously. I had to go and buy something to wear to the interview tomorrow. I guess I didn't have to but I felt like I'd feel a million times more confident in a snazzy new outfit. Yes, this is always my logic.

Oh - too be continued! I am going to the Alaskan with Miss L to listen to some of Juneau's local talent mix some fat beats or something. I am so not hip enough to say stuff like that.

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Myron Davis said...

You don't need to be loyal, I say just go for a job if you enjoy it or not. And if your current job does not allow you to advance in the way you want too then nobody should think bad/wrong of you for advancing yourself.

Also I used to think big long titles were important but not anymore... As long as the title is somewhat related to what you actually do it's good enough!