Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New Year! Things haven't changed much.

Things haven't changed much. In many ways, yes, sure, but I am still clumsy.

I had one of those embarrassing moments one expects will never occur outside of the awkward teen years. I was walking home from work, taking a short cut as usual, and the path was slippery. I had taken the path a number of times and had been just fine, so I assumed this evening would be no different. I edged up to the small downward slope, grabbed the fence, and slid my way down in the least graceful way possible, but I was still standing. I let go, took one step, and whoosh - I've fallen completely so that I am on my side (this sort of thing breaks the hips of the elderly) and crushing my purse. Luckily that glass bottle didn't shatter and give me a thousand or so lacerations. You may be wondering how this is embarrassing, well, someone else was walking a few yards behind. I managed to get myself up, but just as I do I look behind me to see WHO was following behind. It was none other than the ultimate silly crush. I nearly fell at least a dozen more times in the 4 minutes we shared a path, but at the same time, I managed to be witty and charming - I think.

Speaking of the ultimate silly crush - I danced with him at New Year's. No, I take that back. HE danced with ME on New Year's. Nothing could make a girl happier than to share a little dance floor action with her ultimate silly crush.

And the rest of New Year's? It went well. I didn't puke for the first time in two years (a pat on the back? Oh, thanks) so I consider it a success. I looked super hot - black velvet - mmmm. I was hanging out with Miss L, who has been back from vacation since a bit before Christmas, and while we didn't have New Year's kisses, we did have small plastic cups of champagne. I also had a Long Island Iced Tea. Also a couple glasses of wine. Also a couple Gin & Tonics. If you are wondering how I didn't puke, it's because I'm a lush. More on that later. I started the evening by first shopping, then primping, then having dinner with Mr. PH (I found a bug in my salad - ewww!), then hanging out with Miss L. After Miss L and I toasted the new year, we decided to go dance. We were dancing with my friend Miss D when that fateful moment listed before occurred. Let's not even talk about the dumb grin that must have been plastered across my face. After that was over, it was decided that we had witnessed the peak of that party.

We then moved to another bar where things were pretty quiet. Miss L ran into some of her admirers while I ran into my friend Miss M. I went to chat with Miss M, who had a rather belligerent man sitting across from her. I looked at him and thought to myself that he was probably in his earlyish twenties and that he wasn't a bad looking kid, so it was really a shame that he was slurring his speech, making no sense, and lacking in social graces. He muttered something incoherent and grabbed my wrist when I tried to walk away and when I came back, he began systematically dumping drinks from the table onto the floor. Miss M motioned for me to get the bouncer, which I did, and I'm sure he was happy to show off his muscle and authority. He actually had to forcefully remove the belligerent guy, who turned out to be Miss L's middle school crush. His twin almost got kicked out of the Alaskan at a later date because of it - as one can imagine, "It was my twin!" didn't really sound that convincing. Miss M and I enjoyed the peace and quiet once Drunkie McDrunkerson had left, and we also enjoyed the company of some of Miss M's acquaintances. One such of these is German, so I got to practice my drunk language skills (possibly better than my sober language skills). I also got a nice hug from Mr. J, who is worldly, beautiful, and recites French poetry on occasion. Then, about 10 minutes later, I sort of got insulted by his ex-girlfriend, though I imagine she meant it in the nicest way possible? She told me I was just his type (Mr. J's) - Short and chubby (uhhhh, thanks?) and then she had to affirm it by saying, "You're short, right?" She adores me or something though because a few days after new year's I heard my name called in the most enthusiastic of voices, and coming from her mouth. I guess she likes short, chubby girls too? Just helped motivate me in my New Year's endeavors though. Mr. G showed up in my life again. He apparently only pays attention to me on special occasions. Literally. The last time we spent much time together was a holiday as well. He followed me wherever I went for the rest of the night.

I was at another bar that night as well, I wasn't there for long. I took Miss M, J-Lover (Mr. J's ex), and Mr. G there. There was lovely blues music and I was pretty drunk at this point. I ended up with two drinks in my hand, one of which I gave away, and then eventually some of us decided to leave. We stopped by Pel'meni so some of us could eat and so I could get my hiking shoes to walk home. The next day was the first day in a long time that I genuinely got to sleep in. I stayed in bed until 2pm. Then Miss L and I were quite productive and rearranged our living room and cleaned house.

I don't have that much to say about Christmas, as it is a joyous and lovely family event, and therefore not that exciting. I will say that I spent it with Miss L's family and that I went to mass for the first time in my life. It was an interesting experience to say the least. I had dinner with them and opened presents with them as well. It was a little odd spending Christmas with another family (v. family or that one Christmas with friends) but it was definitely a much better idea than sitting alone and moping about how alone I am.

Since New Year's (do you like how I don't bother with chronological order?) I haven't done much... I did decide to start some resolutions and actually keep up with them. These resolutions include dieting, exercising, drinking more water, and giving up assholes (I tend to only date those sorts). So far (ignoring New Year's) I have done quite well. I guess I can't praise myself too much as I've only gone one weekend without drinking and I've only been on my diet for three days - but I have yet to give in to temptation!

I found this book when I was at the local organic and health food market - it looked like a decent plan, not something that would kill me or be too hard on me. I decided to buy it but when I got to the check-out stand I was offered help by a rather lanky guy who was probably in his late teens or early twenties. Great. I set the book on the counter face down, then blurted out the disclaimer: "It's new year's" as I waited for some knowing look. Instead the kid looked at the book, then looked at me incredulously, and told me I didn't need it, that I wasn't fat, and that he liked my eyebrows. Kind of made my day.

I started easing into the plan this last weekend. I didn't drink. On Friday night Miss L and I had some friends over, Miss R, Mr. K, and Mr. JK. Everyone was partaking of wine and whatnot - but not me. I sipped on a diet tonic with lime - no gin. Everyone stared at me, in awe that I would attempt the Juneau nightlife substance free. I did it. It wasn't that exciting, actually. I owe this in part to the sobriety and in part to the fact that it was just a quiet night. Miss L convinced me to do Karaoke (this makes three times) to a Dixie Chicks song. We also hippie danced. We left the bars around 1:30, which is a pretty reasonable time no matter how you look at it.

Friday night of last weekend, Miss L and I watched the movie Charlie Wilson's War, which was quite good. I think it made a nice political statement without being too obtrusive.

In other news, elections took place and starting July I hold no position in Rotaract - not even as a board member. I've applied for a new job, but I have yet to hear from them. It's a "real" job - the sort that I don't consider a mere transition... I could possibly stick with this one for a while. Cross your fingers that brain drain has left me the only qualified applicant.


Myron Davis said...

Thanks for the blog posting, well written and a good read.

Teriana said...

Living in Juneau and not drinking? I can't imagine. And ditto to what Myron said. Lots of compound sentences :)

orion krauss said...

Myron Davis said it