Monday, December 10, 2007

Three months later...

For Miss T's sake, I'll post something again.

Miss T, a now former co-worker of mine has left our workplace and Alaska. Miss V left as well. That meant that we had and are still having a very interesting time filling those places. Things were so stable and pleasant for that brief period of time, but then we had to go and try to hire new people and I had to try to like said new people, and perhaps Mr. J, the only potential candidate I thought had any potential turned out to be a flake, so we were back down to two employees, me and the boss. We had to fill in with a number of people from the other branch, which ranged from pleasant to less pleasant. Miss T has experienced some of the people - some of these people aren't necessarily people I'd choose to spend time with.

I think I've dated or been involved with half of Juneau now (a gross exaggeration) which has its pros and cons. A pro is that I've avoided cover charges in bars, had my fair share of free drinks, and that I have friends most anywhere I go. The cons are that not all relations end amicably and sometimes I'd rather not run into certain people again. No girl likes to see a guy she's dated a few weeks or a month later with a girl who has twice the boobs she does, but that's another thing I've had to face. I won't pretend that I had much experience with dating before, and maybe that's why I'm proving to be so terrible at it, but I never knew that dating was so frustrating. I thought being single and dateless was frustrating, but dating certainly gives it a run for the money.

I've been spending a lot of time with Miss E, who is someone I seem to really connect with. She works in the same industry and sometimes we get together to chat over drinks and complain about our jobs. We talk about positive stuff too, but there is plenty to complain about when one works in the service industry in any way.

Miss L is on vacation. She got to visit Miss B in L.A., family in Arizona, our sisters and old friends in Oregon, and Mr. J in Chicago. I, on the other hand, have not left Juneau even once since my arrival. This means that I have spent over six months (barely) in this town without even setting foot in another. Juneau is a funny place though - it is surrounded by mountains and ocean and it has no roads connecting it with the outside world. In order to leave the city, one must go by sea or by air. Neither option is terribly cheap. I am starting to feel a bit stir crazy - something that was triggered this most recent Friday night when I realized that there were a large number of familiar faces in one of my usual hangouts. I wasn't bothered mostly, as it is pleasant to see friends, but as I mentioned earlier - not everything ends amicably. There was one person present who absolutely refused to be civil. I saw him from across the room, knew that he saw me, and I could tell at some point that he was trying to avoid contact. I had to walk past and looked straight at him and thought that the right thing to do would be to say hello. He just looked away as if I hadn't spoken to him. Ouch. I haven't witnessed something that immature since the days of the silent treatment in elementary school. That was back when we thought it was clever to ask if someone had heard a mouse or if the wind was particularly loud that day. Or maybe someone would just cover their ears, chanting la-la-la-la-la-I-can't-hear-you-la-la-la-la-la. It was enough to put a damper on my evening. Miss A and I went upstairs and Mr. M joined us. Mr. M and I played a game of Dominoes, though I don't really feel like the game was terribly challenging. I didn't know the rules though, so I guess I cheated? The bouncer has offered to teach me someday.

I had my first mature dating relationship recently. It lasted approximately one week. I still have no idea what went wrong. The thing that bothers me about it all is that I didn't go into the situation intending to date this person - just as friends. Well, initially I was using him for his car, but then I thought he was nice so we should hang out as friends. He is the one who turned it into dating, but then he is also the person who ended things by discontinuing contact. I tried calling a couple times, but every time either I was sick or he was sick so we didn't make plans and then I recently saw that he was having a drink with a girl and I guess that's when I knew that we were over for good. I carried a torch for a couple weeks, thinking that perhaps he was just too busy with his grown up lifestyle. I was wrong. Maybe it was over when I broke the "rules" of dating.

Miss L told me that my problem is that I don't play by the rules. I get someone interested and then I get excited and I let them know that I like them. That's wrong! I am supposed to pretend that I am completely uninterested, then we'll fall in love and everything will be perfect.

There is something bothering me lately. I think there is a vicious rumor about me. I heard that I was referred to as "boy crazy" and "a party animal" which doesn't sound terribly harsh, but the person who claimed to have heard these things doesn't act as though she likes me much. As a matter of fact, a part of me is convinced that she hates me. Bringing this up to a mutual acquaintance of ours is how I found out about the rumors. Now, I know that I'm not the most puritanical girl in this town, but I have by no means gone too far in either arena - partying or dating. I like to have some fun, but I keep it reasonable. I really don't know who would bother saying anything about me or why, and that is frustrating. I have a reputation as a young leader to uphold and I don't need the paparazzi on my tail! Yeah. Paparazzi in Juneau.

And finally, I do still have Mr. PH in my life. We've come to some understanding and we get along swimmingly now. My other male friend along similar lines is Mr. C who hosts karaoke nights at one of the bars and acts in plays. I've still got Miss E, Mr. J, Miss R, and Mr. K as well. Miss A is leaving though, which is a huge upset for me. She is one of my closest and most fun friends here. When she leaves I'll be a bit heartbroken. I have less than a month with her too. I think I'll have Christmas with her and Mr. M, since none of us will have family around.

It's too bad that I can't turn my life's stories into something more coherent than disjointed paragraphs. Perhaps if I updated more than quarterly...