Saturday, September 1, 2007

Alaska: Bigger, Emptier, Drunker

Actually, it's funny to me that I have set this aside for so long, and here I am in Alaska. I made a reasonable compromise, I think.

During a mental breakdown in front of my sorority house, I finally agreed to move to Alaska - at the time it seemed a far wiser decision than living at home with my family and being miserable. It's not that I don't love my family, I do, but they can drive me crazy and be lovable at the same time.

Instead of getting my dream job or a crappy summer job, I settled for a pretty acceptable job working as a teller at a credit union. There are a couple things which seem a little off about this:
1) I (was) notoriously bad at my finances - overdraft fees and late payments galore.
2) I have a tendency to transpose numbers.
3) I am no math whiz.
4) I have a love-hate relationship with money, mostly hate.
5) I wanted a job related to at least on of my areas of study.

I am, surprisingly, having a decent time. I am doing well at my job, my manager trusts me, and I am hoping for a raise at the three month mark (which almost perfectly coincides with my birthday). It's not as terrible a job as I had imagined, and I've found that I have a real knack for convincing people to open up CDs and other investment accounts.

Work isn't the only thing going on in life - that would be unhealthy!

One of the most recent developments is my involvement with the newly formed Rotaract club. I'm not just involved though, I was voted PRESIDENT. I am not letting this power go to my head - I choose not to be a dictator, but rather to be a facilitator. I think things will go well. One of the best things about Rotaract is that it is possibly one of the few things that will keep me sane and keep me from fleeing Alaska when the weather gets bad. It is something to which I can commit, to which I can devote time and effort, and a great opportunity to meet people.

Not that I haven't met people through other means, but my current friend base consists of my house-mates, one of whom is leaving at the end of September and the other of whom is leaving for a few months in December, a group of guys with whom I party who are always affected by some substance or another, and people I've met through my house-mates and through the wonderful Alaskan sport of Beer-Ball, and some co-workers at this or that branch. Now, some of these people are great friends, but compared with my once bustling social life of my college years, it is a meager number.

My first attempt at getting myself to stay was to sign up for a year long gym membership. I've been doing alright about going, though the second week of membership found me under the weather - I still haven't developed a rigid schedule, which I think I should. I just still struggle with the best time to go to the gym - should I give up sleep and go early in the morning (which is rather invigorating) or should I do it in the evenings (though getting all sweaty can ruin any chance of having spontaneous evening plans). I am almost thinking that I'll do the morning workouts, and also that I'll be better at waking up in the mornings when I am not so consumed with this summertime life of excess.

Honestly, things were a bit more excessive in the beginning when we had "the pact" and drank EVERY NIGHT. Once we one by one and little by little gave up on "the pact" things became a little more manageable - at least briefly. I have had a few drunken nights, for which I try to dodge blame with excuses like, "But three free drinks! It wasn't my fault!" These days I am drinking less frequently and less alcohol (which goes together, considering the lowering of my tolerance with the lesser frequency) but still managing to get myself involved in some drama. Involvement with house-mates' co-workers is probably not the most brilliant idea, but somehow it didn't strike me as a terrible idea until after it had begun. Now that it has begun, and despite what a terrible idea it may be, I am kind of stuck on the guy. I guess that's how it goes - not that I'd know, since this may be the first time I've had any sort of consistent ANYTHING and it is far from being a Disney-esque fairytale romance.

There has been drama in this town in general. I guess since it is a small town and it seems that everyone has or will have dated everyone else (within a person's sexual preference - mostly at least) and that people will inevitably get upset and accusatory. I've already been accused of trying to seduce a guy who may earn the award for hugest nerd EVER who is also obviously full of himself to the point that he would think that not just one girl, but two girls, made an attempt to take him home in one night almost immediately after acquiring singledom. I laugh.

This seems like a reasonable enough update.

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