Monday, March 19, 2007

I want it all.

I've discovered recently that I want it all. I want to do everything, be everywhere, know everything, see everything, feel everything... you get the picture. Now, I am not really one to throw around the word impossible because that is a negative, but damn it, I know it is definitely impossible.

Yesterday I was being swayed by some friends to go to Alaska for the summer to work. While explaining my status as a maybe attendee I stumbled across an interesting concept. I felt like my longer term goals and my longer term plans were more important than my short term goals and plans. As a matter of fact, I don't have any short term goals or plans right now. I am so stuck on the long term that I am ignoring the short term.

The short term:
Write thesis.
Pay bills.
Renew library books.
Submit hours to get paid.
Read for class.
Finish assignments or at least work on them.
Work out.
Make lunch.
Remember appointments.
Friends' birthdays.

The long term:
Get a job career.
Go to grad school.
Work for the UN.

I'm not going to be harrassed by bill collecters, receive poor marks, starve, or lose friends if I don't find a career before I graduate... if I don't fulfill the short term, however things could get ugly.

I kind of suck at life.

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